Sasquatch Workout is out and the hunt is on!

  • Sasquatch Workout is out and the hunt is on!

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    Men –

    Here is the workout. In addition you also need to complete 10 miles of running or 5 miles of rucking. Vern and I split up the running in between the works. Good luck finding the beast!



    1st Q: Commons (Gravity: Cape Fear)

    10 Rounds

    10 SSH in cadence

    5 burpees

    2nd Q: Schoolyard (Lactose: Carterico)

    4 Corners workout with bear crawl to each corner (50 ft between corners). Different workouts at each corner, air press (25 IC), WW1s (25 SC), Merkins (25 SC), a big sexy (monkey humpers, Boss Tweeds, pickle pounder) (10 IC X 3)

    3rd Q: Coop Stronghold (Bitcoin: New Bern)

    * Prison Cell Merkin Burpees, 5x (1 min)

    * Iron Cross – Arms outstretched with static hold to the side with palms down (1 min), palms up (1 min), palms back (1 min)

    * Bruce Lee – American Hammers, IC, 25x; Leg Raise, SC, 25x; LBC, IC, 25x; Heel Touches, IC, 25x, Crunchy Frog, SC, 25x; 100s (5-6 mins)

    * Control Freak Merkin to finish 10 minutes

    4th Q: Elm Street (Poacher: Cornerstone)

    High Plank: (1 minute)

    Hip Flexor Burners: (3 minutes)

    High knees right leg only for 30 seconds (bring knee above waist and return foot to ground)

    Keeping knee above waist, pulse knee up and down never letting knee go below waist for 30 seconds.

    Keeping knee above waist, kick foot out extending the leg in and out for 30 seconds.

    Repeat for left leg.

    Squat burners: (1 minute)

    Squat position down and hold for 30 seconds. Pulse up and down for 30 seconds.

    Shoulder burners: (2.5 minutes)

    In low squat, extend arms out beside the body at shoulder height.

    Flap arms up and down about 6” (30 seconds), bring arms out in front of the body and touch fingertips (30 seconds), bring arms above the head and touch fingertips (30 seconds), forward circles (30 seconds), backwards circles (30 seconds)

    Lunge burners: (2 minutes)

    Lunge right hold for 30 seconds and pulse for 30 seconds, lunge left and repeat

    High Plank: (30 seconds)

    5th Q: Green Springs (Goggles: Kinston)

    2 Cans Shy of a 6-Pack

    40 WW1

    40 LBC

    40 Freddie Mercuries (2count)

    40 Flutter Kicks (2count)

    Repeat all 4 exercises with 30 reps each

    Repeat all 4 exercises with 20 reps each

    Repeat all 4 exercises with 10 reps each

    Total of each 100, grand total 400.

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