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Apr 29

The Ridge – Thursday – Bootcamp

April 29 @ 5:15 am - 6:00 am CDT

Free to ALL Men

Foundation Q

@channel PREBLAST FOR THE RIDGE 4/29/2021 Thursday 5:15am

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away………………


Episode 13 – Return of the Foundation

It is a period of civil wars in the Plainfield/Shorewood area. A brave alliance of underground freedom fighters has challenged the tyranny and oppression of the evil Emperor and his army of Sad Clowns.

Striking from a fortress hidden among the parks throughout the area, the F3 Crossroads brothers have established their base at the Ridge. Jedi Knight Foundation and his trusty group of F3 Crossroads brothers are the last hope for the region. They’re all going to be there.

All of our favorite characters:

– Chewbacca @Foundation

– Han Solo @vern

– Yoda @Bob Villa

– Rey @Joe Dirt

– Ewok @Boston Butt

– The one bounty hunter that is an actual person @Hanger

– R2D2 @Dr. Fauci

– Luke @Jellystone

– The blue dancing lady at Jabba’s Palace @Pawn Star

– The rebel leader guy from return of the Jedi (not the squid dude, I mean the guy that has a beard @Skinner (sorry you have a beard)


– And even a Tauntaun @Tourniquet

The Emperor and his Sad Clown army are in their final plan to crush this rebellion once and for all. They prey on the unprepared to conscript them to their ranks through the use of complacency, laziness, and procrastination.

Join Jedi Knight Foundation and his compatriots as they gather for what is shaping up to be one of the most epic beatdowns of all time.

It will be a full body workout that will be OYO and will involve coupon/body weight exercises and running. You will burn some serious calories (750-900). For you on IR, you can easily MASH and still fit right in the workout. Also, I have taken into account the chance of rain, so we can get a badass workout in even if it’s raining like on that one planet in Episode 2 (the Clone Wars one) where they had the clones made. WTH was the name of it? Endor, no. Kamino. That’s right. Even if its raining like on Kamino, we will have a good workout.

You will need:

Running shoes (we will stay on pavement/paths)



Lightsaber (optional)

Princess Leia bikini from Return of the Jedi (For the love of all that is good, please do not show up wearing it) Yes, I’m talking to you @Den Mother.

Drop an HC in the thread below or head to the Colosseum for @Alexas BC. You have two solid choices for tomorrow morning. SYITG

With your HC please answer this deep topic question of the day. Who is your favorite Star Wars Character?

(and to answer your question @Gopher, it’s ok if your favorite character is Jar Jar Binks – just don’t wear your costume)


Currently HC'd

1 - Den_Mother3 - Tourniquet5 - Foundation7 - Jellystone9 - Boston_Butt11 - Pawn_Star13 - Hanger
2 - Bob_Villa4 - Skinner6 - TPS_Reports8 - Gopher10 - Shooter_McGavin12 - Second_Best
#of HCs: 13


April 29
5:15 am - 6:00 am CDT
Free to ALL Men
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The Ridge
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Equipment Needed
Coupon, Pavement Shoes, Gloves
Type of Workout
Running, Full Body
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