VQ Relay Race & 11’s

The BackBlast:


SSH 3-count (10), Imperial Walkers (10), Arm Circles Forward (10), Arm Circles Backward (10), Abe Vigoda’s (10)

Thang 1:

Trojan Relay Race

Split into 4 teams.  1 PAX ran (estimated) 1/8 mile and did 30 squats and ran back.  While each PAX was gone, there was a list of coupon exercises that all other PAX on the team did while they were running.  This repeated until all PAX completed the relay run.

Coupon Exercises:

Chest Press, Curls, Skull Crushers, Bent Over Rows, and Overhead Press

Thang 2:


PAX started by doing 10 squats and then ran the length of the parking lot.  When they got to the other side, the PAX did 1 squat and ran back.  Next it was 9 squats and 2 squats and so on until it was 1 squat and 10 squats.


LBC (20), Laying Side Leg Lifts Right (10), Laying Side Leg Lifts Left (10), Scissor Kicks (10), Plank until 6:00.


This workout was about PURPOSE.  F3 has given me so much more purpose.  I am thankful to this group because they have helped me have more energy for my sons, more energy for my M, and more energy to fulfill my daily purpose.  Back in December, 2019, I weighed over 420 lbs.  I was diagnosed with microscopic colitis and because of this, I completely lost my appetite (hard for an Italian man).  Due to eat way less, I lost 40 lbs.  My cousin (Dr. Fauci) told me about this workout group he had joined and that I should give it a try and being that Halloween was Ultimate Football, I thought, “Why not?”.  Ever since then, these PAX have had such a huge impact on me.  My brothers ITG have been there to motivate me, help me push myself, and never let me give up on myself, even if I was bringing in the 6 post after post.  You men have touched me to my soul, and I cannot begin to express enough gratitude for what all of the PAX and F3 has done for me!