Tour of the Ridge

AO: The Ridge

When: 12/08/2020


Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: 5-Putt, Beatbox, Blow Out, BoilerUp, Boston Butt, Dilly Dilly, Jimmy Neutron, Joe Dirt, John Denver, Pawn Star, Sheldon, Shooter Mcgavin, Toby,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: bedpan

The BackBlast:


Tuesday 12/8/20 at the Ridge.  It was a nice 34 degrees with no wind.  A perfect winter morning to explore the Ridge.  Sheldon texted me that it was Beatbox’s 16th birthday, make him cry.  In honor of his 16th birthday, everything was a 16 count.

Warm Up

SSH x 16

Abe Vigodas x 16

Mountain Climbers x 16

Tappy Taps x 16

Thang 1 – run to the bridge

  • Half way to the bridge we stopped for 16 Burpees
  • At the Bridge we partnered up
    • Partner 1 completed: 16 Jungle Boi Squats, 16 Carolina Dry Docks, 16 plank jacks.  Run to end of bridge and switch out bear crawl with partner
    • Partner 2 bear crawled the bridge till partner switched with them and went to starting point to perform exercises
    • Repeat each part twice per PAX

Thang 2 – Run to the hill

  • Half way to the hill we stopped for 16 more burpees
  • At the Hill we lined up at the base.
    • 16 wolverine merkins (Boston said they were called Peter Parkers but i said it with conviction so they can be called anything)
    • Run to the top of the hill and 16 Lt Dans
    • Repeat twice

Thang 3 – Run to the playground

  • Split PAX into two groups
  • Group 1 did 16 pull ups
  • Group 2 did 16 dips
  • Switch than mosey around the parking lot back to flags


Freddie Mercuries x 16

V-Up Sit ups x 16

Wide Leg Sit Up x 16


I’m disappointed in myself for not planning my CoT in advance.  It was a busy 40th birthday weekend for my M.  I wanted to reflect on the growing friendships that have been created through F3.  We create strong fellowship ITG, great conversations with other PAX on EC / Coffee.  The next step is getting to know a few PAX on a more intimate level.  Actually getting to know a person can be tough and sometimes awkward.  Does this person want to get to know me too?  The small doses of fellowship each time we post is the start.  It has been a great year getting to know many PAX outside of the gloom and hanging out with their families.  The support of the F3 PAX who came out to celebrate a birthday for my M and Smallcake’s M during this crazy time was so amazing.  The M’s have become closer over time as we continue to have family get togethers is such a great evolution of fellowship.  It takes time and work to build deeper friendships outside of the gloom.  Don’t get discouraged as you try to reach out to other PAX for a drink, dinner party, family get together, etc.  With time new friendships will organically form and lasting shields will be born.  Enjoy everyday and be a support for your fellow PAX.

Sheldon, did Beatbox cry??