The Ridge Hindenburgh BLIMPS

AO: The Ridge

When: 05/14/2021


Number of Pax: 17

Pax Names: 5-Putt, Beatbox, BoilerUp, Bone Spur, Den Mother, Dilly Dilly, Hanger, Happy Camper, John Denver, Morticia, Mr. Belding, Neil Diamond, Penalty Box, Pi 3.14, Skinner,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Peek-a-Boo

QIC: TPS Report

The BackBlast:

Good lord is LG wasting away. Great to have a run partner in John Denver this morning for the 5 mile EC but we could both feel the weeks toll on the bodies. 5 miles just getting harder every day. Saw DM out there with the ruck (I noticed he was using a belt too). πŸ™‚


Great weather – nice, crisp. Realized halfway through the run I had asked the PAX to bring a coupon but my workout didn’t involve using them. No worries – that’s what winging WoR is for. So off we go!



SSH, Good mornings, Grady Corns, Abe Vigodas, and 10 Blockees OYO (see, we did use them!)


Hindenburgh BLIMPS in the lot. 6 stations (we used the hashed spots) – each station you do the same exercise, and when complete start the next exercise in the BLIMP, but increase reps. Ex: 10 Burpees at all 6 stations, then do 20 lunges at each station, then 30 Imperial Walkers.. etc:

10 Burpees (total reps 60)
20 Lunges (1 each leg for time, total reps 120)
30 Imperial Walkers (1 each leg for time, total reps 180)
40 Merkins (total reps 240)
50 Plank Jacks (total 300 reps)
60 Squats (total 360 reps)

Some made it through all the Planks, all finished the Merkins (so everyone did at least 600 reps, some did 900+)

Mary was simple: Captain Thor. All the way to 4-10 and finished right after 6.

CoT: CoR, Announcements… and FNG Peek-a-Boo (won’t share the story of how that came about, but man oh man what a way to start a marriage with the new inlaws!!), prayers.

Message/Thoughts: Michel de Montaingne (French Renaissance philospher who popularized the literary genre of essays) once wrote: Saying is one thin and doing is another. This is applicable to my current work (customer behavior and feedback), but also relates well to James 2, where we’re called to both works and faith. Just saying you have faith, without works, makes it dead. Works alone don’t demonstrate faith. It must be both. This means it’s not a linear relationship, but a circle. One supports the other in an endless loop. It’s like our HC – it’s meaningless unless we show up. So let our words speak from our actions, and our actions demonstrate we mean what we say.