The Gumball Machine

AO: The Ridge

When: 11/30/2020


Number of Pax: 27

Pax Names: 5-Putt, Binford, BoilerUp, Bunker, Bunny Hill, Disco Ball, Fish Sticks, Foundation, Hairgel, Hanger, Happy Camper, Jellystone, Jimmy Neutron, Joe Dirt, PenaltyBox, SkidMark, Skinner, Vern,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Nickelback

The BackBlast:


Arrived at The Ridge around 4:45.  Stepped out to brisk winds, cool temps and slight flurries.  Prepared two locations in order to split into two groups.  Had a brief pre boot camp discussion with Disco Ball and 5-putt and we were on our way.



Side Straddle Hops  IC 20

Abe Vigodas  IC 20

Mt Climbers IC 15

Arm Circles IC 12 each arm

Tappy Taps IC 15


The Thang 

Parking lot ladders and some moseying.  Two exercises @ 25 reps apiece and a mosey around the islands.  When finished, we worked our way back down the ladder in the same fashion using reps of 10

25 Curls –> 25 Overhead presses  –>  mosey around the islands

25 Squats –>   25 Thrusters –>   mosey around the islands

25 Bent over rows –> 25 Romanian deadlifts –>  mosey around the islands

25 Chest presses –> 25 Merkins –> mosey around the islands

25 Skull Crushers –>  25 Big Boys –>  mosey around the islands

25 Mt Climbers –>  25 Plank Jacks –> mosey around the islands



Ring of Fire  5 Merkins



Circle of Trust 

Today was my VQ and I felt obligated to distribute some gratitude to a few individuals as well as all my F3 brothers.  As you may or may not know. I have worked with 5-putt for many years.  He has constantly pushed the idea of me joining over the past several months.  Maybe I became more intrigued or just got tire of listening to him but regardless I decided to take him up on that offer.     And for that I am grateful

I was about 4 weeks in when the Reindeer games started. I had been going through the motions, feeling things out.  The day after the draft  I came to the understanding that Toby had taken me with a 3rd round pick.  My initial thought was “This guy is crazy for taking a new guy”   I have yet to prove myself.  Soon after, it all of a sudden lit a fire in my ass and I felt motivated to prove to him that I was not going to leave him behind and I was not going to leave him where I found him.  That single decision that Toby made was a difference maker for me.     And for that I am grateful

Moving on, Guys like Happy Camper and Sparkler who are constantly encouraging me and pushing me to do more.  Motivating me to be better.     And for that I am grateful

The Respect Group….. these gentlemen have shown me the committment and mental fortitude to get out here and put in the work to make ones self  better.   You guys are inspiring!!!!       And for that I am grateful

My Ruck Brothers..  Fish Sticks, Bunker and Dr. Fauci.  Getting up and meeting at 4:15 in the morning has been a great motivator and has helped me get over the mental block that we often have in the mornings.  As Fish Sticks often says  ” You have to want to”                  And for that I am grateful

F3 has been a game changer for me and I absolutely love this stuff.      And that I am grateful for


Naked Man Moleskin

I kept in simple today beings it was my first VQ.  I appreciate the feedback from my fellow brothers and vow to sharpen my leadership skills.  I like to throw a quick shout out to Disco Ball for being my Co-Q and 5-putt for having my six.   We couldn’t have done it without you.   Reminder to self, It’s Ring of Fire not Circle of Fire