The 12 Days of Christmas

AO: The Colosseum

When: 12/10/2020


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Bob Villa, Dilly Dilly, Disco Ball, Dr. Fauci, Happy Camper, Jellystone, Jobu, John Denver, Nickelback, Short Sale, Sparkler, Squirts, Trojan, Wreck-It Ralph,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Dilly Dilly

The BackBlast:

Warm O Rama: (5 mins)

  • SSH (12) IC
  • Mosey
  • Mountain Man Poopers (12) IC
  • Grady Corn’s (12) IC
  • Mountain Climbers (12) IC
  • Windmill (12) IC


Thang #1:  12 Days of Christmas

  • Start at one end of the parking lot do 1 BC Burpee; run to the other end of the parking lot do 1 BC burpee; run back to start do 2 turkish & 1 BC burpee; run to other side do 2 turkish & 1 BC burpee; run back to start do 3 then 2 then 1; rinse & repeat at each side all the way up to 12; you always work from the number you are on back down
    • 1 Body Count burpee
      2 Turkish Get Ups
      3 hand release merkins
      4 Box Cutters
      5 Burpees
      6 Monkey Humpers
      7 Carolina Dry Docks
      8 Mary Catherine’s (each leg is 1)
      9 Leg Lifts
      10 Bobby Hurley’s
    • 11 Dips
    • 12 Side Straddle Hops



  • LBCs (12)
  • American Hammer (12)
  • Big Boys (12)
  • Scissors (12)
  • Freddie Mercury (12)



  • This past Monday my wife & I found out some shocking news about a good friend of ours family. I don’t want to speculate or get into details but it is the type of decision that will rock this individual & family for the rest of their lives.  We have found ourselves grappling the last couple of days on how to process this, how to reach out to our friend, how to understand what caused this individual to do what they did.  I knew this man we were casual friends through our wives, we had beers together, we have hung out on our trips home, he has taken my daughter out with his daughters to get ice cream…this was just not something you expected of this individual.  Why do I tell you this?  One I wanted to share what is on my heart this week.  Two, what if Sad Clown Syndrome was a cause of this.  Supposedly an over consumption of alcohol was involved in this.  What if he had been grappling with some demons recently & made a terrible decision that will impact the rest of his life.  But what if F3 existed where he lives.  What if he was a member of F3 & worked through his demons with his F3 brothers or a Shield Lock.  I don’t know these answers or if it would have changed what happened but what I do know is there are 1000’s of men out there dealing with demons every day that are causing them to make bad decisions.  Men that don’t have what we have found.  We have to keep getting our message out, we have to keep recruiting more Sad Clowns, & we have to continue our mission of invigoration of male community leadership.  AYE!!!


Lord thank you for this opportunity to be in this moment today with these men.  We have felt you call us to this group of men to change our lives.  We feel you calling for us to embrace this change to be better men.  Lord we know more importantly now more than ever in this world today you are calling for us to be your leaders & to be the CHANGE for others.   Watch over us, those that were spoken aloud, & for those that are in our hearts.  In your name we pray.  AMEN