That Hill….

AO: The Wood

When: 04/24/2021


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Bedpan, Binford, Boston Butt, Bunny Hill, Crackle, Disco Ball, Fish Sticks, Foreclosure, Hanger, Pawn Star, Pi 3.14, Trubiskey, Wreck-It Ralph,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Bobby Fischer

The BackBlast:

First and foremost! Always love this AO.  The Hill is amazing and always intimidating!

So I have titled this Q as “That Hill…” because that pretty much sums up the extent of the Beat Down that was given.  In fact the minute Pi 3.14 hit me up to take the rains for the “Mystery Q” this past Saturday “That Hill” was all I can think about.  Although Saturdays are dedicated for Rucking!  I decided to review the past 7 weeks of BB’s and thought…. now would be a good time to SHOCK the system and get the men on the south side out of their comfort zone.  The following is the exercises that was distributed and the directions that were given.  If any that are reading this, you should know by now that I take all my Q’s with pride and ensure they are well planned and organize to reduce questions and keep the heart rate up the full 45-60 minutes.  F3-Flags and Stands were in full display and looking majestic atop “That Hill”

Warm Up

Motivators from 5 (I murderer the counting on this.  Just shows you I am clearly not a professional)

Goofballs IC 15

Good Mornings IC 15

Mosey to the base of the hill, had the pax ran up the hill to drop of coupons and come back down for WO instructions.

“The set-up”

Broke the pax into (4 teams of 2) and (2 teams of 3)

Each team lined up at each flag 1,2,3,4,5,6 position approximately 130ft back from the base of hill where the slope begins. From these flags moving toward the hills approximately 65ft. was a row of cones parallel directly in line of each flag.  Moving forward to the base of the hill were the slope begins was another set of cones again parallel to the cones previously mentioned, these to had a gap of roughly 65ft.  Moving forward up the hill (midway) we reached a third set cones.  Again parallel to the previous set of cones, these being place directly in the middle of the hill.  Moving forward to the top of hill the pax were met with another set of Flags similar to the ones at the starting point.

“The Pain”

Flags at the base. Gave the following instruction as the teams of pax headed to the Flag at the top.

5 Burpee / Plank Combo (One team member holds plank, while the other does 5-burpees) then they switch. (if plank partner drops a knee before burpee partner finishes burpees other pax can give 2 penalty burpees.  This builds accountability and forces the plank partner to see the time through without dropping a knee.

Next bear crawl to 1st of 3 cones mentioned above.  Depending on which flag you started at, the exercises were different.  Most were a 10-15 count of merkins, Carolina Dry Docs, or Bobby Hurly’s

Next bear crawl to the 2nd of 3 cones mentioned above.  Here we did 15-20 reps of air squats, bonnie blairs, or no surrenders.

Next bear crawled to final set of cones at the mid point of the hill.  Here the pax were instructed to turn around with their head facing the base of the hill and complete 10 Derkins (killer)

Next turn around and complete the final Bear crawl to the top of the hill to the final flag stand.  Each stand had 3 exercises (one coupon exercise & 2 body weight exercises)  All flags had different exercises.  Every pax completed each exercise.

From here each team would stay at the top of the hill and mosey down the dirt path that sloped to the runners path.  At this intersection the teams of pax would complete motivators from 5.  When complete the teams of pax moseyed further down the path toward the road were at this intersection they found another cone and performed motivators from 5 again.  From here they returned back to the flags to rinse and repeat.  Pax were instructed to move to the next flag.  If you started at Flag-3, you would now do your next round at Flag-4.  This process continued for the remainder of the workout.  All teams of Pax finished at least 4 rounds and one team finished 5-1/2.  Kudo’s to team BedPan!!  Great hustle gentlemen.

7:20am we all moseyed back to the planted shovels for 6 M.O.M.  This included 15 IC Swimmers, 15 Heal Touches, 20 IC of LBC’s.

C.O.R. – Announcements – C.O.T. all completed.

I gave thanks to all men in attendance and expressed my gratitude to being apart of F3.  Each men no matter the AO is the staple that drives all of us to come back.  We don’t get up for easy!  Clearly this Saturday was no exception.  Congrats to all that pushed and conquered “That Hill…”  Foreclosures 2.0’s will surely hesitate the next time dad asks, “hey kids! Boot camp at the Wood, you want to go?”  Just kidding they did awesome!

Until next time Gentlemen!  Bobby Fischer