Super 21

AO: The Colosseum

When: 03/04/2021


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Alexa, Better Call Saul, Bob Villa, Cyclone, Dilly Dilly, Disco Ball, Fish Sticks, Hanger, Heifer, Jellystone, John Denver, Short Sale,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Nickelback

The BackBlast:

Intro:  Arrived at 4:50 to 34 degrees and windy.  Set up while PAX arrived.  I made some minor adjustments to the BC and we started at 5:15 sharp.

Warm O Rama:  I am not a professional and am not aware of any injuries.  Please modify as you see fit.  We are still living in a Covid world so please stay aware and respect those around you.  Today our goal is to work with purpose and focus on our count.

Good Mornings (12)     Imperial Walkers (15)     Tappy Taps (12)     Mosey around the lot mixing in High Knees, Arm Circles and Butt Kickers. Finished with Motivators from 5


Thang 1– Super 21:  Essentially  Super 21 is 7’s but with 3 exercises at each end.  We started off with 1 blockee, 1 thruster and 1 overhead press. From there we bear crawled 1/3 of the lot then stopped and did 10 air squats. We then duck walked the remainder of the lot and did 6 burpees, 6 holy merkins and 6 plank jacks. We then exited the west end of the lot and did a mosey around the south end of the lot back to our coupons for the next set of Super 21.

Thang 2:  25 curls, sprint to the cone and did 10 Monkey Humper for our Toby. We then sprinted the remainder of the lot and did 25 Big Boys and sprinted back.  We continued the same circuit utilizing Bent Over Rows and LBC’s at 25 Reps each.

Mary:  Ring of Fire (5 merkins),  Monkey Crunches (20),  LBC’s (40ish)

CoT:  Becoming better men is a common bond that we all share. We all have goals and different reasons outside of that as to why we come out ITG.  Some for stress relief, Some to lose weight, Some to get stronger and Some to just all around get healthier.  These are all great reasons!!!  Beneath that layer is a sublayer with a deeper meaning and that is Purpose.   Purpose is a meaning that we bring with us into everything we do. With Purpose we nurture our physical, emotional and spiritual health so that we can live our best lives.

How we are in the world matters!!   How we approach our workouts is just one aspect of how we live our lives.  Our workouts are not a separate aspect and should be done with the same Purpose as all other things in our lives.  There is a big difference between taking action and taking action with Purpose. When you take action with Purpose it has the power to make the world a better place.  That very Purpose affects those around us and ripples outward.  When we exercise with Purpose, we are more likely to have positive energy to spread to those around us.

Often times we get caught up weather we are going to 6pak or run X amount of miles in week as well as many other things.  If for some reason we don’t meet these goal we sometime have the tendency to beat ourselves up about it.   When we workout with Purpose it creates an updraft of energy and brings an incredible lightness to you workouts.   This often times makes things easier and allows us to push harder. What we do ITG is how most of us start our day on a consistent basis.  If we start our day working with Purpose it carries over into every other aspect in our lives.   I spoke on this today because of some conversations I had with 1040EZ over the weekend.  Come to find out there are some common aspects of our lives that not everyone can relate to.  He was kind enough to send me a well thought out note that was not only encourage and supportive but very eye opening.  I truly thank him for this.  As some of you may or may not know… I have and 11 year old son with Autism.  His name is Landon and he is the youngest of our 3 boys.  Being the youngest has been a huge benefit to him.  This benefit is the support that he gets from his parents as well as his older brothers, family and friends.  Something that I constantly think about and often times dwell upon is the idea of me not being the best that  I can be in order to assist him in being the best that he can be.  This my brothers is the driving force behind my Purpose and why I work as hard as I can when ITG.   I ask all of you that when you are here to find Purpose and to work with Purpose.  I assure you that you wont be disappointed.  I will end with this.   Great Men live with Purpose, others live with wishes”

Naked Man Moleskin:  I would like to thank all the PAX that joined me today for their effort.  I was tremendous.  I would also like to thank John Denver for having my 6.