Self Reflection on HARD

AO: The Colosseum

When: 12/08/2020


Number of Pax: 25

Pax Names: Better Call Saul, Binford, Bob Villa, Bunker, Disco Ball, Fish Sticks, Foundation, Hanger, Happy Camper, Jobu, Morticia, PenaltyBox, Second City, Short Sale, SkidMark, Skinner, Sparkler, Spin Out, Squirts, StormChaser, Trojan, Vern,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Backsplash

QIC: Sparkler, Disco Ball Co-Q, Happy Camper SiteQ

The BackBlast:

Tonka DRNaperville <—- Thank you. You said you would show up and you did. I’ve appreciated your push and support when I don’t believe I’ve earned it quite yet.

Cyclone – You still need to register on the new CR site. DM sent again.


I planned on 15 or less PAX to post today but the support and excitement blew away my expectations. I’d call you all out and thank you individually but for 24 PAX to show up on a Tuesday morning in December with temperatures at 32 degrees and no wind is impressive on it’s own.

We had Tonka join us from DRN and it was an honor to have him make the trip and join us. Skidmark and Hanger both posted for their first time at TC and we had Squirts bring a FNG, Adam, now named Backsplash (funny story there). Hopefully this Q delivered for them.


Run in Place while YHC said the welcome/ 5 F3 principals – Sprint every 15 seconds for 1 minute

Line Jumps 1 minute, increase speed every 15 seconds

Cross Countries 1 minute, increase speed every 15 seconds

Sumo Deep Squats – 10 (Long Count IC)

Hip Rotations – IC 10 each leg

Michael Phelps Claps – 10 IC

Cherry Pickers while explaining the Thang

The Thang

90% sprint for .5 miles at a 4 minute pace

To Coffeeteria Location Station

Set of 30 (Or for Disco Balls Group 30/30/6)


Step Ups (Picnic Tables)

Overhead Claps

Walking Lunges

Big Boy Get Ups


95% Sprint for :45 seconds

To the 40 yard dash line

1 set of Army Crawls for 10 yards, Bear Crawl 10 yards, Army Crawl 10 yards, Bear Crawl 10 yards, Crawl Bear 40 yards back

Run to Flags/ Coupon Station

Set of 30 (Disco Ball’s group did 30/30/6)


Coupon Squats on your back

Behind the head coupon press

Coupon/ Curb Calf raises

Straight Leg Deadlift

Coupon Mountain Climbers


Leg Lifts – 15 IC

Big Boy Roll Ups – 15 IC

Star Gazing – 30 seconds <—-That was a Pax favorite and I had a difficult time getting them to recover.

Circle of Trust

You should always reflect on your posts and ask yourself on the ride home the following:

What did I crush in the workout today?

What was HARD and could use improvement and focus?

How am I going to get better tomorrow, this week, next week and continue to improve?

Let’s talk about the HARD for a minute. In F3 we talk a lot about not getting up easy. Well the fact is nothing we do in life is easy and really we are deciding our hard.

*Being overweight is hard. Maintaining weight is hard. Being fit is hard. So choose your hard.

*Quitting a bad habit is hard. Starting a good habit is hard. So choose your hard.

*Losing a loved one is hard. Loving no one and only caring about yourself is hard. So choose your hard.

*Marriage is hard. Divorce is hard. So choose your hard.

*Not being there for your kids or close to them is hard. Being a good Dad, sacrificing and giving up our own wants is hard. So choose your hard.

*Being deep in debt is hard. Being wealthy but not going out and getting everything you want is hard. So choose your hard.

*Communication is hard. Not communicating is hard. So choose your hard.

Life will never be easy and it will always be HARD. Choose your HARD wisely.

Let’s Pray.

Dear God – If this workout was the hardest part of our day then let’s count the many blessings that we have. We are fortunate to be able to surround ourselves daily with such high impact men and share our time, ideas and concerns with them. Help us to choose our hard wisely and in the right way in order to show others your light. For those that need you more than ever please surround them with your love and understanding. Moment of silence to think about and pray for those in our hearts…………..In your name, Amen.

Naked Man Moleskin

I’ve been humbled today that 24 others trusted me to help them get better physically. Disco Ball and Happy Camper 100% made this possible and you both made it much easier on me. THANK YOU to you both.

You guys are way too nice with the AAR. Please send me a DM if you don’t want to call me out in the group or if there were any concerns or areas for improvement. I’d like to get better.

I’ve been posting at the Colosseum since it was a Black Ops group of a few of us scouting a new location from the downtown Plainfield one. To see it grow and develop it’s own AO personality has been so up lifting. We have regulars, we have visitors, we have FNG’s, we have onsite coffeeteria (thank you Happy Camper again) and we have a ton of opportunity to share this with others that need it. Keep pushing forward always!