Run Club Gasser

AO: The Ridge

When: 12/09/2020


Number of Pax: 16

Pax Names: Beatbox, Bob Villa, Bone Spur, Boston Butt, Dilly Dilly, Gopher, Jimmy Neutron, Sheldon, Sparkler, Toby, Twilight, Vern,

Number of FNGS: 3

FNG Names: Caveman, The Couch, Z Pak

QIC: Den Mother

The BackBlast:


The weather was great for an early December Run Club – low 30s with little to no wind.


Motivators from 6

Good Mornings x 12
Imperial Walkers x 12

Abe Vigodas x 12

The Thang

We started out with a 1 mile run over the (b)Ridge to the school parking lot.

Once all PAX were rounded up we engaged in a session of Gassed – run one suicide: to the halfway point of the lot and back, then to end of lot and back. Follow that up with 6 count mountain climbers. Next up is two suicides: to the halfway point of the lot and back, then to end of lot and back, then repeat. Follow that up with 2 6 count mountain climbers. And then 3, then 4, then…

After all PAX were sufficiently “gassed” we embarked on our 1 mile run back to the flags.

Nolan Ryans x 12 each side
LBCs to 6:00

Circle of Trust

When my Q ends up on the same day a Q Source session occurs, I try to tailor my CoT to the topic being covered at Q Source. Dilly Dilly is leading Crossroads’ last Q Source of the year later today focused on the Concentrica and setting goals for 2021, so I figured I would convey the thoughts I have had leading up to that session. At the center of the Concentrica lies one’s family, the M and 2.0s. My family is the most important thing to me. Yet whenever I am setting goals, they are generally focused on improving aspects of my fitness, intellect, or career. I haven’t ever really established a clear goal for the most important part of my life.

As I thought about ways that I can improve being a better husband and father, I began to reflect on the path my wife and I have taken to get where we are today, blessed with each other and 3 healthy 2.0s. We got married in our mid-20s and never really planned on when we would have kids. A few years went by, and as our friends and coworkers were getting pregnant, my first thought was one of jealousy versus happiness. My wife and I eventually ended up seeking treatment and utilized in vitro, which provided our first born to us. The birth of our son Timmy went off without many complications, and my M and I felt so fortunate to have our first child.

Two years later we did another round of in vitro and ended up successfully getting pregnant again. This time however, complications arose. At 12 weeks, my M started bleeding and we had to go to the ER. The nurse told us we would likely lose our child, which was extremely hard to process. The baby persevered through that set back. A few months later, more problems manifested. My M ended up getting put on bed rest and eventually admitted to the hospital. She spent a month there until our daughter Fiona was born 3 months premature at 26 weeks. Fiona spent 7 long weeks in the NICU, and eventually got strong enough for us to take her home. If you see Fiona today, you wouldn’t have any idea she was 3 months premature.

After we were blessed with Fiona, my M and I decided we didn’t want to risk going through additional in vitro attempts. God had other plans, and 2 years later we were surprised to learn we were pregnant on our own. Today happens to be the sixth birthday of our third child, Teddy Lynn.

As I reflect on everything my M and I have gone through to get where we are today, it makes me realize that I too often take for granted the things that matter most to me. I hope to keep this perspective and use it to aid me in being more present for my M and 2.0s.

The process of reflection is useful no matter what type of goal you are setting. Yes, goals are about how we aim to improve our future selves, but it is helpful to understand where you have been and where you are currently as you envision where you want to be. I challenge all PAX to use this exercise as you work through the process of establishing goals.

Dear Lord,

We thank you for the opportunity to come out here today and work towards making ourselves and each other better. Please watch over the men of F3, and their loved ones. We ask that you provide your blessings to all those involved in the discovery and delivery of a vaccine for COVID-19, as well as all those impacted by the pandemic. We also lift up those thoughts left unsaid. In your name we pray, amen.

Naked Man Moleskin

It was great to be back in the gloom this morning. I appreciate Vern having my 6; he is in invaluable asset to assist with Run Clubs, even with one bad wheel.