Respect / Respect – It’s all about the Respect!

The BackBlast:

PAX that attended but not listed above: Abacus, Apples & Joliet Jake.

The scene:

up @ 4am only 4 broken hours of sleep, your 1st VQ will do that.

Out the door at 4:30, 21 degrees, real feel 10 degrees but it felt good. Every time I close that door behind me, It’s at that point, I know, I am really going to do this!

The Bermuda Triangle: easy set up, perfect full moon since we are going to run a few laps to Bad Moon Rising, I think I had help with that one from upstairs.

Over dressed, adrenaline in high gear, I felt like I could have Qed bare chested! I didn’t feel the cold till I stepped into the car, last to leave. I’m backing out, and looking at that hill, it’s almost like it’s calling your name. Quietly thinking about how a future Q has to include that hill, have to make the brothers cringe just from the site of it. Thanks to the man upstairs, I’m gone, seemed like it ended too quick!

I’m home, hot tea, hurting, I’m feeling it. I was going to play Hurt by Johnny Cash for the circle of pain but changed my mind. I am thinking about now!

Respect / Respect – It’s all about the Respect!

1 minute notice:

Thank you for coming out, any FNGs? Welcome to the FNG!

5 principles


  • I am not a professional.

  • You are voluntarily participating at your own risk and responsible for your own well being.

  • Know your limits and modify exercises as needed.


  • Tappy Taps X11

  • Squats x11

  • 7-5-3 Motivators

  • Arms forward x11

  • Arms backward x11

The Thang:

We have a Bermuda Triangle that consists of 3 stations

At each station you’ll pay the respect that’s listed.

Then you’ll do the Double Respect Exercises

When you hear the song Bad Moon Rising by CCR, you’ll make 1 lap around the stations come back and continue where you left off.

LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND do some for him but help push him to do more!

Let’s count off by 3s


Scissor kicks

Captain Thor

Leg Lifts

Circle of Fire – Plank W /3 Merkins

Count o Rama


Foundation / Storm Chaser challenge – winner….Storm Chaser

Name the new FNG – Welocme to “Fannie Mae”

Name o Rama


Thank you for coming out, it means a lot!

I’d like to recognize some brothers,

  • Pi he’s the main reason I came to my 1st workout. I live approx 75 steps from him and had only talked in passing maybe 3 times. F3 is about more than working out! I‘ve met 6 great brothers all less than a ¼ mile. Binford, Tee Ball, Storm Chaser, Tadpole, Happy Gilmore & Pi. F3 is so much more than working out!

  • Dilly Dilly, this brother is so inspiring, it makes you want to come out just so you don’t miss anything!

  • Disco Ball, Setting and breaking the standards, because of one of Disco’s COTs, I always try to break the my standard, even if only by One rep.

  • I have to recognize Sparkler & Soccer Mom, they were the first one’s that ever came back to pick up my 6, I’ll never forget it. It made me realize F3 is so much more right from the beginning. I took the red pill before the 1st workout was over!

  • There are so many others, Gopher, Boston Butt ,Vern, Cyclone…..

All these men and many of you have a hand in helping me commit to keep coming.

So, why do I come, why do I do this…. Well the reasons are ever changing.

In F3 we talk about making lives better by getting right, living right, leading right & leaving right.

Today with your help, I tried leading right

But there is that 4th one, leaving right.

Today there was a reason, I did a Bermuda triangle…it’s because people go missing!

Missing from workouts, I’ve heard tell they go missing during workouts, and finally they go missing forever. In the Double Respect Group, your experience with people missing forever happens way too often and & sometimes it nags at you, so you think about the leaving right a little more than you use to!

The average male lives to be 76.3 years old, What that means for me is, I only have 14 more trips around the Sun. It makes you think about leaving right.

I know I can’t stop father time, but if I can slow him down & If coming out gets head start him maybe I’ll be around & about just a little longer.

I am convinced, I could not do it without all of the F3 Brothers, in my mind, all of you are changing & saving lives!

Again Thank you for coming out, the support means a lot!

Take a Knee:

Dear father thank you for that great full moon, thank you for allowing me to be around a fine group of brothers.

Please always keep them safe & healthy, always keep them strong enough to keep pushing themselves to make the world better place.

Father, When times gets tough give them ability to recover quickly & accelerate. and when they finally go missing forever, I would ask that you leave none of them behind & leave none where you found them.