Remove Your Excuses

AO: The Colosseum

When: 04/26/2021


Number of Pax: 16

Pax Names: Better Call Saul, Bob Villa, Den Mother, Double Doink, Foundation, Gopher, Happy Camper, Hot Boxx, Jellystone, Pawn Star, Second City,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Tourniquet

The BackBlast:

Welcome to Run Club!!!



Good Mornings

Ave Vigodas

Imperial Walkers

Arm Circles

OYO Stretching

The Thang

Start at top corner of the parking lot

Sprint down 1st lane, then recovery run back on next lane. Repeat, snaking through the entire lot.  Once finished, one complete lap recovery run.

Rinse and Repeat

4 MoM

Big Boy Situps

Heel Touches

Flutter Kicks

Scissor Kicks


Jim Thorpe is known as one of the greatest American athletes of all time.  He won two Olympic gold medals, played professional football and professional baseball, along with several other sports.  In the 1912 Olympics, he competed in the Pentathalon (5 events in one day) and the Decathalon (10 events over three days).  He had already won the gold medal in the Pentathalon and was about the start the second day of the Decathalon when he realized that his shoes had been stolen.  He had just a few minutes before his race was to begin and scrambled to find some shoes to run in.  He was given one shoe by a team mate and found another shoe in the garbage that was too big, requiring him to wear extra socks.  He competed in these shoes and destroyed the competition for the rest of the Decathalon, bringing home his second gold medal.

This is a perfect reminder that you don’t have to resign to the excuses that have held you back.  So what if life hasn’t been fair?  What are you going to do about it today?  Whatever you woke up with this morning: stolen shoes, ill health, failed relationships… don’t let it stop you from running your race.  You can experience more in life if you’ll get over the excuses and get on with living.  You can have reasons or you can have results and you can’t have both.