Pearls on a String

AO: The Ridge

When: 03/06/2021


Number of Pax: 21

Pax Names: 5-Putt, Beatbox, BoilerUp, Bone Spur, Dilly Dilly, Gopher, Happy Camper, Heifer, Jobu, Morticia, Neil Diamond, Pawn Star, Sheldon, Shooter Mcgavin, Skinner, Tourniquet,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Magnolia

QIC: Bobby Fischer

The BackBlast:

4:30AM Alarm was the start of the day for me to prepare the 6:30AM Bootcamp at The Ridge.  I had 20 HIM’s committed for this epic “Pearls on a String” workout .  Lucky for me I was well prepared the night before so all to do was to jump in the car and hit the road.

Set-up included pre-walking the entire course with a distance wheel to ensure my cone and flag placement was spot on. (THANK GOD 5-Putt helped) because somehow I made this very confusing….  200 ft spacing between cones and 200 ft spacing between flags.  This took about an hour, leaving me 15-20 minutes to mumblechatter with some of the early arrivals prior to the BootCamp 6:30AM Hard start.



15 Good Morning IC

20 Goofballs IC

Parking lot Mosey

Grabbed Coupons and moseyed to the open field directly behind the pavilion

5 Burpees OYO

The Thang

12 Station Pearl on a Sting!

Course was long 2,400 feet to be exact…

Paired the Men up in 9 Teams of two and 1 team of three.

Gave the following instructions.  Each team was to bring (1 coupon) with them unless you are the team of 3 then you brought (2 coupons) with you.

As mentioned previously from the start point 100ft was a cone placement, away from the cone was a flag placement, repeating cone, flag, cone flag circling the entire open field of the Ridge from the Goal posts all the way back to the base of the Hill….

Flags were numbered from 1-12.

For the pain…..

Each team started by traveling to each cone.  One partner bear crawled the 100ft while the other John Cusack’d behind them.  Once arriving to the cone the team of two did motivators from 5.  Once complete the partners switched roles of bear crawling and John Cusacking and continued further down the course another 100ft to Flag one.  This is where they had 3 exercises (2) for body weight and (1) that required the coupon.  Each person had to complete all 3 exercise prior to moving on.  The means of travel continued throughout the entire course.

To avoid congestion I had every team start at a Cone and move clockwise around the course.  The goal was to finish at least 6 flag positions.  All teams finished 6-8 locations before running out time.  All Men grabbed flags, cones and made it back for 6-mom with 4 minutes to spare.

In those 4 minutes we did Flutter kicks 15IC, LBC 15IC and finished with a 2 count Merkin Ring of fire.

Below is the 12 pain stations (Italics was coupon required exercise)


  • 20 Merkins
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 20 Curls


  • 30 LBC’s
  • 20 Bonnie Blairs
  • 20 Bent over Rows


  • 20 Squats
  • 10 Burpees
  • 20 Shoulder Press


  • 20 Bobby Hurley’s
  • 20 Big Boy Sit-ups
  • 20 Alpo’s


  • 20 Plank Jacks
  • 15 Inch Worm Merkins
  • 15 Thrusters


  • 20 Carolina Dry Docks
  • 20 American Hammers
  • 20 Goblet Squats


  • 20 Groiners
  • 20 Overhead Claps
  • 10 Hydraulics with Coupon


  • 30 Plank Shoulder Taps
  • 20 Lunges (ea. leg is 1)
  • 30 Chest Press


  • 20 Diamond Merkins
  • 40 Flutter Kicks
  • 10 Blockies


  • 30 Heel Touches (1 ea. heel)
  • 20 Smurf Jacks
  • 10 Skull Crushers


  • 20 Air Squats
  • 40 Mountain Climbers (ea. leg is 1)
  • 15 Coupon Swings


  • 20 Jump Squats
  • 40 LBC’s
  • 20 Curls

Circle of Trust

COT was short and sweet.  C.O.R, Announcements, Naming of the FNG (Magnolia) & N.O.R. was completed followed by a quick speech on Appreciation. This was the topic that weighs heavy on my mind with every BC I attend or lead.  I expressed to the men to appreciate all they have, their families, their health and the MEN of F3.  I appreciate all of them making the commitment to get up ITG and commit to a hard workout.  Their effort is not only making them a better man than they were yesterday but also making the men around them better as well.  We finished with a small prayer and got a quick pic then departed for some much needed Coffeteria.  Thanks to all for Attending!!!  Love getting after it with the MEN of F3 Crossroads!

P.S. Faceplant and Thrasher on in database to add them to (Pax Names)