AO: The Wood

When: 01/06/2021


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Bunny Hill, Pi 3.14, SoccerMom, Tee Ball, Wreck-It Ralph,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Sparkler

The BackBlast:


The weather has shut down a lot of the fun things the Wood has to offer so in the preblast I said just bring yourself. Arrived early at 4:45am and the parking lot was clear and surprisingly the hill was in decent shape. But I said no hill in the preblast. Grr.

4 PAX arrived shortly after 5 and Wreck-It Ralph came in hot just after 5:15am.


Mosey around the parking lot

Line jumps: 30 seconds

Cross countrys: 45 seconds

Side jumps: 30 seconds each side

Sumo Deep Squats long count – 5

Hip rotations: 10 reps each leg (like you’re stepping over a fence)

Ray Finklea: 10 reps each leg.

Leg Hugs – 5 each leg

Michael Phelps claps: 10

Hot take off towards Seil Rd.

Thang 1

Run .5 miles with a 8 minute pace (we were at 9:25) to the Troy Township parking lot by the fire station.

Ran as a group and when QIC says 6 the lead person peels to the back of the pack. All PAX had the goal to get to the front for the entire run.

Jacob’s ladder with Burpees and Abs

Run to one side, do one burpee, run to the other side, do 10 Oblique Twisters (5 each side) or Big Boys

Rinse and repeat increasing the burpee count by one each time until 10 and while doing 10 Oblique Twisters or Big Boys each time.

Thang 2

Run .5 miles back to flags parking lot. Same push the 6 pace. Goal was 8 minute mile pace and we got 9:11.

Four Corners together

5 Max Jump Squats (Feet together squat jump into Feet shoulder width jump squat into Feet wide jump squat into Bonnie Blair each leg)

Run the long sides, Long jump burpee one short side and lunge the other short side.

Back to the start. Cherry Pickers for 2 minutes right into 20 Grady Corns IC


Side Leg raises with elbow to knee – 10 each leg

Pike Kick (single leg kick with hands on either side of legs and then above your head) – 10 each leg

Knee Drive (high single knee and then switch with hammers to the knee) – 20 total

Side Bends 10 each side

Circle of Trust

So I recently had a coworker lose her husband tragically and unexpectedly at 57 years old. She is 44 and they were just getting into their empty nest stage of life with many dreams, hopes and plans. He went duck hunting, went missing and was found at the bottom of a lake over 24 hours later. No foul play and just a simple accident and possible medical episode.

This hits home and puts so many things into perspective. The work drama? Gone. The daily frustrations of things not going your way? Gone. Kids not listening and waking us up at night problems. Gone. This workout being hard? Yeah right, what’s harder than losing a loved one in a flash like this.

I talked with my coworker for two hours on Monday and for the first time ever it didn’t cover anything closely related to work because it didn’t matter. She said I could share some of her take aways from her experience.

1. If you have a brother, spouse, family member or distance friend that you have trivial issues with resolve it now. Her late husband had a brother that he hadn’t talked to since April over something small and now that brother has to think about that and the time missed for the rest of his life. It’s not worth it. Fix those petty wars today. Do it.

2. Your job, your income, your possessions and your status do not define who you are. Your personality, beliefs, the way you treat others and where you spend your time do.

3. Have a financial plan for tragedies like this. Not only does something like this drain you emotionally and physically but also financially. Talk to your spouse about costs if either of you were to go and make sure you both have access to dollars and each know where your money is an how to access it.

Men, we are more than lucky to be in a position to choose to work out with like minded people early in the morning. Don’t ever take it for granted or waste your minutes out here because we don’t know when it will be our last time. When you get back home today tell your family you love them, forgive those that need it and don’t sweat the things you can’t control.


Dear God – You have blessed us with so much in this world. Even though we all have our own struggles we are still blessed to be alive struggling. Be with those that have lost or are losing loved ones, comfort them and help them lean on your love. Help us to hold those loved ones closer, resolve petty issues and give those forgiveness that need it. Prayers for Tee Balls family in a loss as well as Pi’s circles in battling cancer. In your name, Amen.

Naked Man Moleskin

Soccer Mom – I can always count on you and appreciate you taking the 6. It wasn’t easy to plan with limited Wood areas but you made it a great BC today and everyone stayed safe and together. Thank you.

Pi – Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day yesterday to scout sidewalks and areas for ice. The coffee was also an added bonus and much appreciated. I drank three cups alone.

Bunny Hill – You crushed the BC today and certainly lead from the front of the Respect Club. Thank you for the push and encouragement today and always.

Tee Ball – You seemed worried that this was a run club but you attacked it from the start. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and seeing your improvements week after week.

Wreck-It Ralph – appreciate the support and effort to make the trip to the Wood today as I know the Ridge is closer for you. As usual, you crushed it and had the most “6” calls outs outside of Bunny Hill from being in the front on the runs.