Modified Black Diamond???

AO: The Wood

When: 02/17/2021


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: 1040EZ, Binford, Bunny Hill, Dilly Dilly, Disco Ball, Fish Sticks, Gopher, Happy Camper, Heifer, Nickelback, Pi 3.14, SoccerMom,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Dilly Dilly

The BackBlast:

I arrived early to The Wood to scout the grounds with piles of snow surrounding.  I did a little EC run to discover a nice clear lot about .35 miles up the road. On return to the AO the PAX had started to arrive & the mummble chatter was strong in anticipation of the pending beat down so we quickly got to work.

Warm O Rama: (5 mins)

  • Smurf Jacks (12) IC
  • Good Mornings (12)
  • Modified Motivators (12) IC
  • Hillbillies (12) IC
  • Mosey .34 miles to the Township parking lot stopping to do the following exercises
    • 20 Squats
    • 20 Grady corns
    • 20 merkins

Thang #1:  4 corners

  • Round 1 – 5 Body Builders (Burpee + Plank Jack) at each of the 4 corners. Running to each corner.
  • Round 2 – 10 Squat + 2 Imperial Walkers at each of the 4 corners. Running to each corner.
  • Round 3 – 15 Mary Catherine Gallagher’s at each of the 4 corners. Running to each corner.
  • Round 4 – 20 Parker Peter (1 each leg) at each of the 4 corners. Running to each corner.

Thang #2:  1-2-3 Dora

  • Partner 1 starts the exercises below while partner 2 runs loop around the cars entrance & runs back
  • 25 Burpees
  • 50 air squats
  • 100 merkins

Mary: (5 mins)

  • Hundreds (15) IC
  • Monkey Crunches (20) IC
  • Outlaw (10 each side) IC
  • American Hammers (2 sets of 10) IC


  • I recently listened to an F3 Podcast where the guest speaker was “Red Barron” from NC who is a 3-star General. The conversation was incredible & would highly recommend finding it on F3 Nation but I digress.  He talked about the importance of a mission statement.  That a mission statement should cover the 5 W’s:  Who, What, Where, When, Why.  I hope many of you have had the chance to think about the F3 mission statement & if you have would probably agree it does a pretty good job of hitting the 5 W’s.  What is not in that is the HOW b/c the how is a little more localized by each region on how you bring the mission to life.  That is where we in Crossroads have an opportunity for improvement.  This last week created some really good conversation on strategic direction.  Sometimes in any organization you take the new people for granted & assume they just know HOW you are going to accomplish the mission.  I wanted to say thank you to many of you who spoke up & I want you to know I am always open to a conversation.  We might not always agree but I will give you my perspective on the HOW & listen to yours.  What I can tell you is that we are working on some ways to be more transparent with the men of Crossroads to allow more feedback & engagement.  I appreciate & respect each & every one of you along with everything you have done & will do to help us accomplish our local mission of being the crossroad from Naperville to the whole Southern part of the state.  AYE!


Lord thank you for this opportunity to be in this moment today with these men.  We have felt you call us to this group of men to change our lives.  We feel you calling for us to embrace this change to be better men.  Lord we know more importantly now more than ever in this world today you are calling for us to be your leaders & to be the CHANGE for others.   Watch over us, those that were spoken aloud, & for those that are in our hearts.  In your name we pray.  AMEN