Mile Repeats – Run Club

The BackBlast:

Chilly February morning so we got right to it.


40 SSH
1/4 mile mosey
20 Imperial Walkers
30 Second Hamstring Stretch
30 Second Calf Stretch (each leg)
10 Good Mornings

Thang 1: Mile Repeats

Pax were challenged to run a 1 mile loop as fast as they could.  Take a 2:30 break and repeat the mile run trying to maintain or beat their original pace.


Got back very close to 6 so we did LBCs until 6


I had sweat through my outer layer and so I tried to keep it short to prevent getting cold.  This weeks Q-source focuses on PREPARDNESS.  The next week and a half to 2 weeks there is going to be bitter cold, sub zero temperatures and it is going to be important for each PAX, Q and Site-Q to be prepared.  PAX should reach out the night before to the Q or Site-Q if they are feeling unsure or uncomfortable about the proper clothing to wear for the beatdown.  Q’s it is more important than ever to let PAX know if we will be standing still doing coupon work or moving around so they can dress appropriately for the extreme cold.  If you start moving and getting a sweat going, be sure your Q keeps things moving so that sweat doesn’t start to chill your core.  This is not the time to stay home, it is the time to be PREPARED.

Special prayers for Dilly’s Aunt Jean who suffered a stroke.  We keep her in our prayers for a strong recovery.  Lord, keep each one of us, our family and our friends in your care and help us to be better men to all of those around us.