March Madness

AO: The Wood

When: 03/06/2021


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: 1040EZ, Bedpan, Binford, Bob Villa, Boston Butt, Cyclone, Disco Ball, Fish Sticks, Jellystone, Jimmy Neutron, Nickelback, Pi 3.14, Tee Ball,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Tee Ball

The BackBlast:

RUCK CLUB Back Blast

Intro: I am not a professional and am not aware of any injuries.  Please modify as you see fit.  We are still living in a Covid world so please stay aware and respect those around you. Today’s workout was about March Madness and number of exercises correlated  with the different rounds of the NCAA tournament.

Warm O Rama:  Motivators from 7,  Abe Vigodas (11),  Tappy Taps (11), Arm circles forward & Backwards (10)



Did 4 rounds of BC with Ruck with 1/4 mosey in between each round, DORA on the Hill, Indian run with Ruck 1/2 mile, Mary

Round of 64: Chest Press, Goblet Squats, Curls

Round of 32: KettleBell Swings, Bent over Rows, Overhead presses

Sweet 16: Air Squats, Leg Lungs, Thrusters

Elite 8: Merkins (with Ruck on), Bonnie Blairs (with ruck), Burbees (no ruck)



200 Air Squats, 100 Shoulder Pressed, 50 Smurf Jacks, 25 Shoulder Taps or Release Merkins

OYO 30  Goblet squats, Chest press, Skull crushers, bent over rows, over head presses

Indian Run back to flag 1/2 mile

MARY with Ruck: Leg Lifts, Scissors then ran out of time


Talked about being your best or stepping up at work all the time not just when we want a promotion. We talked about how we all should “Be Better” all the time and try to be “UNCOMMON”. By being part of F3 we are stepping up and trying to our “Best Self” not just today, but EVERY DAY!!!

Ended in Prayer for several people who are going through medical issues.