Leave No Man Behind


When: 01/13/2021


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Dilly Dilly

The BackBlast:

It was a peaceful ride in to The Wood this morning & arrived early to get my stations set up.  Took off on a little EC run as I passed Storm Chaser doing the same thing.  On my return the PAX were there anxious & ready to get to work.

WARM UP (5 mins)

  • 10 Tappy Taps
  • 20 Side Straddle Hop
  • 10 Imperial Walkers
  • 10 Moroccan night clubs

THANG 1 – Trifecta

Split group into 3’s with 3 stations.  Each station will run for 10 minutes & then you have 1 minute to rotate to the next station.

  • Station #1 – Suicide 11’s (basketball court)
    • 10 burpees, sprint to free throw then back, sprint to half court then back, sprint to free throw & back, sprint to other end & do 1 imperial walker squat then sprint back to starting point & do 9 burpees; rinse & repeat up & down the ladder
  • Station #2 – Picnic Time (pavilion)
    • 25 decline push ups
    • 25 picnic jump ups or step ups
    • 25 dips
    • 25 leg lifts laying on picnic table with legs hanging over
  • Station #3 – Strength & Honor (parking lot coupons)
    • 10 blockees
    • 20 goblet squats, 10 blockees
    • 30 curls, 20 goblet squats, 10 blockees
    • 40 SSH, 30 curls, 20 goblet squats, 10 blockees
    • Go back down the ladder

MARY (5 mins)

  • Love Sacs 12 each side
  • Captain Thor: Big boy & American Hammer (1 to 4 ration up to 6 & 24)


  • Count-A-Rama; Announcements; Name-A-Rama
  • The concept of the Latin phrase nemo resideo, or “leave no one behind,” is almost as old as warfare itself. Greek mythology portrayed heroes who rescued those captured by enemies. Two millennia later, in early colonial America, this mythology morphed into legends such as the Deerslayer portrayed in “The Last of the Mohicans,” who famously rescued the helpless from the savage’s camp. About a century later, images of the U.S. Cavalry began to appear on the silver screen, riding to the rescue of captured women and children.  Today it is one of the common credo’s throughout each military branch in some fashion.  It is our credo & maybe one of the most important aspects of F3.  What we do is not just about making yourself physically stronger it is about making the men physically stronger around you so that collectively the group becomes stronger.  This is a part of not only the 1st F but the 2nd  Always make sure if you are out in front you always look back to ensure you/we never leave a man behind.

God, we know you never forsake us. You care deeply about the details of our lives and promise never to leave. We know you call us to care for those around us, yet in the busyness of our daily lives, we sometimes overlook those who need it most. Lord, reveal to us the forgotten in our community. We come face to face with the lonely on a daily basis; in our jobs, in our schools, in our neighbourhoods. Awaken our minds and open our eyes to the broken people around us. For those who feel they have nowhere left to turn, surround them with your presence and remind them that they are not alone. You know each name, story, hope, dream and struggle. Give us confidence to reach out and make a difference in the lives of others. Amen