Grow Ruck Prep

AO: The Wood

When: 05/29/2021


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: BobVilla, Gopher, Hanger, Pi 3.14,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Bent Fork, captain Rex

QIC: Disco Ball

The BackBlast:

Arrived and threw three things out of my car, (2) 25Lb Kettle Bell Sand Bags, and (1) 50 Lb Sand bag.  Hanger provided another 35-40 lb sand bag


Motivators from 7

Tappy Taps IC 10

Good Mornings IC 10

Hip Rotation IC 10 each way



3.25 mile ruck, 4 minutes of ruck, 1 minute of mosey, one PAX carried Kettle Sand Bags, One PAX carried 50lb sand bag, and one PAX carried 35lb sand bag, every 5 minutes switch.  averaged 15:33 minute mile, fastest mile was 15:07



Surrounded the flag- everyone got a beer, Disco gave some stats

1,185,596 American Soldiers have died while serving since the Revolutionary war

646,596 have been combat Deaths

539,000 have been non combat deaths

At this point Disco asked all previous military members to salute the flag when the music started, non military to put their hand over their heart.  Taps was played, at the end, each PAX took a sip of beer, and poured the rest into the ground to honor the fallen soldiers.