Futbol Audible


When: 01/18/2021


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Bunker

The BackBlast:


Decided to call an audible yesterday as my original plan was to run the beep test. However, with snow still in the forecast last night and below freezing temps overnight decided to move to the field. Spray painted and dropped cones to mark out the field on Sunday evening and pulled out an old soccer practice plan for tomorrow’s run club.

Arrived to a 23 degree morning with just a bit of wind at 4:45. Walked out to the field I marked last night and set up lights next to the cones that I marked out last night to set up the sections of the perimeter run we were going to do. The parking lot was still wet and had some ice so I was glad I  decided to call the audible last night and not have to worry about changing on the fly in the morning.



Motivators IC from 7

Good mornings IC x12

Goofballs IC x12

Arm Circles IC x10( Forward and Back)

OYO stretching while I explained the set up.

Mosey to the field to begin the Thang.

The Thang:

Dug into my soccer background and pulled out what we call a 6 section run. A soccer field gets divided into 6 sections and you start at the midline on one of the sidelines. The field was set up to be approximately 11o yards long by 55 yards wide.

From the midline to the corner is 1 section, corner to corner is 2, corner to midline is 3, midline to corner is 4, corner to corner is 5, and finally corner to midline is 6. You start off with a jog for the 1st section( midline to corner) then sprint the next section( corner to corner), you then jog 1 section and sprint 2 sections, jog 1 section sprint 3, jog 1 sprint 4, jog 1 sprint 5, and finally jog 1 and sprint the entire perimeter of the field. When you finished a 6 section you walked/mosey across the field back to the starting line to rinse and repeat. This was all done OYO and everyone did a great job of pushing themselves at their pace.

Five Conditioning Exercises for Soccer Players


LBC IC x20

Leg Lifts IC x12

Scissors IC x 12

Write the Alphabet till 6



This was my first RC Q and my second Q since joining F3 back In October. Never when I started did the thought of going to a run club cross my mind, let alone the idea of being on Q for one. There was a reason that I played goalie in soccer as the thought of running just did not appeal to me. I used to tell my players that I would never make them do anything that I could not do myself. Well in the 15 years I have been a coach that was a true statement up until about 5 years ago. Then life and excuses got in the way and there is no way in the last 5 years that I have coached that I would be able to accomplish the pace and reps that I hit this morning.  F3 has changed my mindset and pushed me to get better and I now try to goto at least one if not both run clubs each week. For my CoT I really wanted to focus on checking in on our 2.os. We do a great job or checking in on our brothers of F3, reaching out to family and friends, and while we are all getting more time with our 2.os since the pandemic started our 2.os are about to make a huge transition in their lives. Most of them will be heading back to school in the coming weeks. I know from my experience as a counselor kids show emotion in various ways. While most of them are excited( or at least claim to be) we truly do not know sometimes what they keep inside to themselves especially our younger elementary kids. Anxiety and uncertainty come out in various ways with kids and while they may appear or claim to be excited we really need to take some time and check in with them to see how they are doing. School as they remember it will change when they return. The guidelines that will be put in place for them will be very different than the way they remember school. Sitting with friends on the bus, or at lunch will look different. Talking to friends during passing periods or in class will look different. All the social aspects that our kids look forward to at school will look different. It is important to take some time to check in with them before they return to school and see how they are doing. Our kids are resilient and will adjust and prevail during these times.  They will come out stronger both academically and emotionally because of their ability to adapt. We have done a great job of checking in on our fellow PAX and our friends and family outside of F3. We need to do the same for our 2.0s and have them reach out to their friends as well.


Naked Man Moleskin:

I loved the accountability of the AAR and I am glad that we have made this a priority at the end of the workouts this year. As someone who is still learning and getting comfortable on Q this is a great learning experience for both rookie and experienced PAX. Pawn Star brought up something I never would have thought of with the lightening on the field. He suggested using a solid light instead of the flashing lights I had set up around the field. I originally had thought of using a solid light but used a flashing light thinking it would help with the markers on the field. I did not take into account that the flashing lights could impact some of the PAX and appreciated the feedback and will use moving forward for my Qs. Gopher added in putting the lights under the cones to help with this as well and I will add that into my next Q. Another suggestion of adding some additional stretching or a longer mosey to warm up the muscles was suggested and appreciated. Still being new to Q this feedback is appreciated to help me get better.


Quote of the morning- “Dunkin Doughnuts napkins came in handy”