Freedom isn’t FREE – 5-22-2021 1040EZ

AO: The Wood

When: 05/22/2021


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: 1040EZ, Backstreet, Disco Ball, Pi 3.14,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names:

QIC: 1040EZ

The BackBlast:

In attendance but not listed above were Peek-a-Boo & FNG, Bent Fork. (We EHed a younger, beast mode looking guy on our EC evening rucks during Lincoln Games. Bent Fork was walking his dog & overheard, he was 1st one to show up after the Q this morning!)

Thanks to Backstreet, Disco Ball, Pi 3.14, Peek-a-Boo & FNG (Bent Fork) for coming out to Ruck Club today! Thank you to Disco Ball for having my 6! Thanks to Pi for Coffeteeria!

Good Morning and thank you for coming to the wood.

I am not a professional, you are participating at your own risk. You are here voluntarily and you are not paying to be here. I know of no injuries so please be mindful of your limits and modify any exercise you need to.

F3 workouts are;

  • free of charge
  • open to all men
  • held outdoors rain, shine hot or cold
  • peer led
  • Always ends in a circle of trust


  • Motivators from 5 IC
  • Forward & Backward arm circles, X10 IC
  • Tappy Taps X12 IC
  • On tippy toes stretch calves then 3 count down to a Squat X6 IC

The Thang:

Ruck on path clockwise around pond. Surprise at the newly installed weight bench. Someone left a baby coupon, Two regular coupons, & a double sized coupon, (50#). We could ruck by, we had to stop.

  • 5 curls each arm with the baby coupon
  • 5 Blockees with the regular coupon
  • 15 Bent over rows with regular coupon
  • 10 chest presses with double sized coupon

Ruck to & around school then out into the neighborhood & then the path back toward the AO. Stopping along the way to do 6 squats (with 3 grady corns per squat) or 9 Merkins. Back to the AO, up the south side for more grady corn squats, while thinking about what you have to be grateful for.

A slower paced ruck today, little less moseying this morning, more PT. Still got approx 2.25 miles.

Back to the flag for Mary.


  • 25 leg lifts IC
  • 25 Scissor kicks IC
  • 4 Captain Thors led by Disco Ball, thanks brother!
  • High Plank ring of fire with 3 Merkins till recover recover.


Next week we celebrate memorial day. It had me thinking & reading up on Arlington Nation Cemetery. At the time of my reading, it was 936 acres and coincidentally had 396 Medal of Honor recipients. This is why all of my PT was in groups of 6, 3 & 9.

Freedom isn’t FREE!

Individuals died so that we can have freedom & choices. I see a Chevy, a Ford, an Hyundai and others parked here today, we have freedoms & choices, others do not and some take for granted. Today, there are many that are trying to challenge some of our freedoms. Please stand up for them & those who died to preserve them.

When you leave today, & you get make a choice or exercise a freedom, think to yourself, somebody died to protect them for us!

Take a knee – Prayers for our F3 brothers, Kristen Howard, John Rob, all the fallen men & women that protect us. Comfort their families in this time of remembrance!