First Official Ruck Club

AO: The Wood

When: 02/20/2021


Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: 1040EZ, Abacus, Bedpan, Den Mother, Dilly Dilly, Disco Ball, Dr. Fauci, Gopher, Happy Camper, Jimmy Neutron, Pi 3.14, Ron Swanson, Skinner, Tee Ball, Trojan,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Jellystone

The BackBlast:

-6°, feels like -6° cold and dry with 1 mph.  The lots were plowed and fairly clear.

Announcement / Disclaimer:

Welcome to Crossroads first official RUCK Club!  This is an honor to lead you men this morning.  I am not a professional.  I do not know of any injuries you may have.  Please modify any workout as you need.  We are all here on our own free will.  Be safe, push hard, and lets go home injury free.  No FNG’s

Core Principles:

  • Sorry… Got skipped…

Warm O Rama

  • Mosey – Used mosey to show route, PT locations, and explain exercises.  Regrouped and continued warmup.
  • Tappy Taps x11 (IC)
  • Good Mornings x10 (IC)
  • Arm Circles x10 (IC) switch direction
  • Goofballs x10 (IC)

Thang 1 – Pearls on a String in between (2) PT Stations

This was a modified pearls on a string workout where PAX were shown the 2 PT locations, which were about a ¼ mile apart, and given explanation of each work out during WoR.  Once Thang started this was a OYO

Station 1

  • Round 1: 20 – No Surrenders (switch dominant leg)

Ruck to Station 2

  • Round 2: 20 – No Surrenders (switch dominant leg)

Ruck to Station 2

  • Round 3: 20 – Thrusters

Ruck to Station 2

  • Round 4: 20 – Thrusters

Ruck to Station 2

  • Round 5: 20 – Overhead Squats

Ruck to Station 2

  • Round 6 :20 – Overhead Squats

Ruck to Station 2

Station 2

  • Round 1: 20 – Merkins

Ruck to Station 1

  • Round 2: 20 – Merkins

Ruck to Station 1

  • Round 3: 20 – Ruck Swing

Ruck to Station 1

  • Round 4: 20 – Ruck Swing

Ruck to Station 1

  • Round 5: 20 – Ruck Rows

Ruck to Station 1

  • Round 6: 20 – Ruck Rows

Ruck to Station 1

<Rinse and Repeat as time permits>


Thang 2 – Ring of Fire – (Regroup by flags)

5 – Merkin – Each PAX individually, then all PAX complete 4 Ruck pull throughs together, move to next PAX until all PAX get chance to complete their merkins.



  • Noland Ryan’s x20 per arm (OYO)
  • Big Boys Holding Ruck x20 (IC)
  • Star gazed for last 10 seconds. Q and PAX were spent!

<Recover / Recover>

Count O Rama / Name O Rama

16 including HYC


In preparing for my COT, I searched the internet for phrases or quotes that really spoke to me, and a week or so ago came across this one from George R.R. Martin:

“When the snow falls and the white wind blows, the lone wolf dies when the pack survives.”

When I read this, it really struck a chord with me.  I saw myself and my motivation to get out in the cold gloom as the lone wolf.  Knowing that there was NO WAY I would have found the power within myself, alone, to get out each morning in below zero temp, blowing snow, and icy conditions to put in the work.  I personally needed and drew power from my F3 brothers to mentally overcome the boundaries I set within myself.  With your presence, encouragement, and strength, I found accountability and confidence to continue to achieve and do things I once didn’t have the courage to try.  Thank you!

Well this was where my original CoT was suppose to stop.  However, with the recent misfortunes of a few of our F3 brothers, I reflected on the same quote last night and drew another perspective.  In this perspective, I saw others who are overcoming adversity, injury, or pushing hard to achieve that new level of fitness, as the lone wolf.  These men are each facing down and working to conquer the challenge in front of them, and I am just one of many there to offer support.  Seeing how our F3 brothers come together to help and encourage is the real power of the pack.  A pack that I am very proud to be a part of.

Prayer Requests?

Naked Man Moleskin

This was also my AOVQ for The Wood, as well as the first Ruck Club.  With being the first Ruck Club, many of us have expensive new gear.  I heard some grunts and croons of disapproval during Thang 2, when I made them drag their rucks across the frozen pavement.  Well, you have to break them in somehow.  Now let test that lifetime warranty.

I think Dr. Fauci will need a new patch…


– Jellystone