Dora De Los Cientos

AO: The Colosseum

When: 03/02/2021


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Binford, Bob Villa, Cyclone, Fish Sticks, Hanger, Happy Camper, Heifer, Jellystone, Nickelback, Ozark, Spirit, Squirts, Trojan,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Bob Villa

The BackBlast:

Conditions: Last really cold morning of the season ?? 20 degrees and sun coming up half way through.


Motivators (from 7)

Abe Vigoda’s IC (10)

Arm Circles IC (10/10)

Tappy Taps IC (10)

Imperial Walkers (10)

The Thang:

Dora workout w/partner. P1 runs to Renwick & back while P2 does exercise. Switch and continue counting.

200 Merkins

300 Air Squats

200 Curls

100 Overhead Press

100 Skull Crushers

200 Bent Over Row

100 Carolina Dry Docks (didn’t finish)

100 Burpees (didn’t get to)


Flutter Kicks (1 min IC)

American Hammers (1 min IC)

Scissor Kicks (1 min IC)

Hold Superman (1 min)

Hold Plank (1 min)

CoT: My first post was 7/17/20. Opening day of the Colosseum in its original location. FNG’s that day were: Me, Disco Ball, Better Call Saul, Ron Swanson & Bone Spur. Dilly Dilly was Q. After the BC I talked to Dilly Dilly and explained that I wouldn’t be able to stick around forever. I leave for work at 5:30am and the only reason I was able to get there was because I was laid off due to COVID-19. I posted on and off for a few months but never really got hooked. I liked the idea…I just never wanted to fall in love with something I knew was temporary. Months went by and I was still out of a job. That led me to open my own Remodeling company and a lot of stress & laziness kept me out of the gloom.

Gopher reached out to me during Reindeer games and I was fully on board with the team. I was set. Monday morning Run Club @ the Colosseum (Spirit was Q) I was set. Fully into it, ready to post a ton & help my team. I was cooking during RC way out in front of the group. I misunderstood Spirit’s direction and ran into Mather’s Woods where I rolled my ankle really bad. I limped about a quarter of a mile back with Gopher & Den Mother had to pick me up in his car to bring me back to the flags. For the first time I really wanted to be there and it was taken from me. I pushed myself back early and posted as much as humanly possible with a bum leg. At the awards zoom meeting Gopher said it best… “I’d hate to say it, but I wish Bob Villa got hurt sooner”.
Fast forward a little to Disco Ball’s 100th post. I was completing a 6 pack that day and found out there was a way to track how many posts you’ve done. That morning I quickly reached out to Sparkler to find out where I was. If Disco Ball was at 100… I wonder if I am at 75 or 80.


53 is a number that I am reminded of every time I’m having a hard day in the gloom. 53 is always looking at me.

Disco ball is faster, stronger & more mentally tough than me. Is it any wonder?!? He basically was posting DOUBLE what I was! Of course he’s doing better.

53 is my failure looking at me right in the face.

My biggest enemy is me, & even I can’t stop me now. One day I’ll have to go back to work. But, that’s not today & it’s not tomorrow. So, tomorrow will be my 101st post. Let’s keep accelerating!