AO: The Ridge

When: 04/17/2021


Number of Pax: 19

Pax Names: Bedpan, Better Call Saul, Bob Villa, Cyclone, Foundation, Hanger, Hare, Morticia, Pawn Star, PenaltyBox, Quatro, Second Best, Shooter Mcgavin, Skinner, Tourniquet, Vern,

Number of FNGS: 3

FNG Names: seabiscuit, Gogurt, Nacho Libre

QIC: Jellystone

The BackBlast:

Cool 37° this morning with 5mph wind and feels like temp of 35°.  Cool brisk morning, but a great day for some fun!

Announcement / Disclaimer:

Good morning and welcome! I am not a professional.  I do not know of any injuries you may have.  Please modify any workout as you need.  We are all here on our own free will.  Be safe, push hard, and lets go home injury free.

Core Principles:

  • Free of Charge
  • Open to all men
  • Held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold
  • Peer lead in a rotating fashion
  • Ends in a circle of trust

Warm O Rama

  • Motivators from 5 (IC)
  • Arm Circles x15 (IC) each direction
  • Tappy Taps x10 (IC)
  • Mosey w/
    • Butt kicks
    • High Knees
    • Carioca Right
    • Carioca Right
  • Good Mornings x10 (IC)

The Thang – Dodgeball

Break into teams 2.


  • Play in tennis courts. Nets are in place, so nets will be in parallel to throwing direction.
  • Set all balls down center line, in neutral zone
  • Teams will go to their side of the court and put back to fence. When match starts, each PAX must complete 10 OYO burpees.  Once burpees are completed, they may enter game and grab a ball.



  • PAX are eliminated if they are hit by ball thrown by another PAX.
    • Ball cannot bounce
  • PAX who throws ball is out if target PAX catches ball.
  • PAX cannot be targeted if doing PT or returning to their side from run
  • PAX can hold ball and use as shield. If their ball is dropped during contact with enemy ball, they will be out.

Return to match

  • Once eliminated, PAX must leave game and sprint around tennis court, and complete specified PT before returning to match.
  • Upon returning to court, place hands up or on head to indicate that you are retuning from PT as you will not be an eligible target until you get to your side of the court.
  • Do NOT grab ball on your return trip to your side.

Game Over

  • It will be up to the eliminated PAX to return to match as quick as possible. Your team will be in the fight if there is active PAX on the court.  Once all PAX on a single team are outside of the court doing PT, Running, or inside and not in play, that team will be eliminated.


  • Not allowed.
    • If player is upright and hit in head PAX who threw ball will be eliminated.
    • If PAX hit by ball is ducking / dodging and head is lowered, it will be considered legitimate and PAX struck will be eliminated.


  • (50) Plank Jacks
  • (25) Catalina Wine Mixer, up/down is one
  • (50) Mountain climbers, one count per leg
  • (25) Merkins
  • (50) Grady Corns
  • (25) Carolina Dry Docks
  • (50) LBC’s
  • (25) Big boys

Rinse and repeat


Merkin Ring of Fire 3 each PAX

Captain Thor 4/20 (IC)

Noland Ryan x10 (IC) each arm


Life is short and tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Read that again and say it out loud.


Life is short and tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Read it as many times as you need to.


A real close friend of mine lost his mom this week.  This event got me reflecting, pretty heavily, on my opening statement.  You see, she put off many things, looking to handle them later.  Whether or not she really expected to address them will never be known, but what is for certain is that the opportunity is now gone.


Things she put off:


She was a nurse and had some minor ailments, which continued to get worse.  She likely knew that she would need surgery and did not want to commit the time or effort to get through the surgery and its recovery.  This is what ultimately lead her down a part she could not recover from.



She had a strained relationship with my friend.  There was clearly love there, but her complacency regarding her health and other matters increased the strain the some of her closest relationships.  This strained relationship will never be properly reconciled for either party.


Estate Planning:

It is likely there is not much here, but not having this in order will likely leave some chaos and lots of work for the ones left behind.


The takeaways:

  • Health: Do not turn a blind eye to any health concerns minor or otherwise. Getting issues diagnosed early can shift the odds considerable.  Once an issue is recognized, have the courage to follow through with the treatment.


  • Relationships: Do not let hard feelings linger. Say what is needed when it needs to be said.  If a firm message is needed, deliver it with compassion and understanding.  Much of what people remember about a conversation is the way they felt during it and not so much the words used.


  • Estate Planning: Do not put this off. See a professional and get this properly addressed.  Encourage your parents to do so as well.  If you or they are not quite ready to do so, then at the very least, assemble a doomsday book of all accounts, their locations, and passwords.  Be sure to include any assets and large liabilities.  If something happens, it will at least leave a road map for those who need it.


Again, life is short and tomorrow is never guaranteed.