Climbing the Ladder

AO: The Wood

When: 01/02/2021


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Bedpan, Binford, Gopher, Jimmy Neutron, Pi 3.14, Tee Ball, Wreck-It Ralph,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Gopher

The BackBlast:

Got there about 15 minutes early to check things out.  Planned on doing this workout in the parking lot to the east of the hill.  Too icy so had to pull audible and set up the cones in the snow covered field north of the hill.  During intros I basically said that this workout is going to suck and I’m sorry.  Wind was blowing pretty good over by the field.
Warmarama (10 min)
Motivators from 7
Tappy taps – 12 IC
Hill Billys – 12 IC
Arm circles forward – 12 IC
Arm circles reverse – 12 IC
Mosey to the field north of the hill

Thang 1 – Climbing the Ladder (15 min)

4 cones spaced 25 yards apart in a straight line

Run to first cone
12 merkins
12 plank jacks
12 shoulder taps
12 side straddle hops
Run back to start
12 overhead presses
12 chest presses
12 skull crushers
12 curls
Run to first cone, back to starting line, run to second cone, do exercises, back to start, do exercises, continue pattern until back at starting line after fourth cone.
Thang 2 – 12’s (20 min)
12’s with thrusters and big boys running to fourth cone from above (100 yards)
Mosey back to the flags
Thang 3– Coupon Exercises (20 min)
Goblet squats – 24 IC
Bent over rows – 24 IC
Curls – 24 IC
Overhead press – 24 IC

Imperial walker big boys – 12 each side IC
Spell – Happy New Years Gopher OYO
Plank up downs until 8 AM.

Led off that I had my brother in law, sister in law, and 2 nephews from Denver at the house over the last couple of days. My wife and I were stressing out because we realized very quickly the number of things we can do were very limited. Thankfully our guests were not looking to do anything extravagant which was a huge relief.  We ended up basically just hanging out at our house playing games, taking the kids sledding, drinking, eating, and in general laughing a lot.  This got me thinking about coivd and 2020 and how having limited things available to us has at times been a blessing.  I can say that as a family we have hung out together more this year than any other year.  I challenged the PAX to think about the good things that they need to take out of 2020 and when things get “back to normal” (definition being pre-covid) presumably in 2021, what are they going to consciously work to keep in their lives instead of just reverting back to a pre-covid lifestyle.

Post Thoughts

I was right.  The workout was pretty sucky in the snow but I have to say my tolerance for the cold and snow is building.  Pi claimed to have a frozen ass and on the other side of the spectrum Jimmy Neutron refused to put his ass on the ground and modified those exercises.

Bunch of modifying during the workout which I always find fun.  I was going to do the climbing the ladder 2x but decided to move on to thang 2 to switch it up and timing.  For thang 2, planned to do blockees and big boys for the 12’s but didn’t think that was super safe so switched it to from blockees to thrusters last minute.  Got back to the flags with 3-4 min to spare so did coupon exercises on the fly.  The workout on my phone disappeared right before Mary and couldn’t remember everything so improvised a bit there too.

Thanks to Pi for having the 6 and coffeteria after.