Circus Circus

AO: The Colosseum

When: 02/01/2021


Number of Pax: 23

Pax Names: Gopher,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: John Denver

The BackBlast:

Recon of the AO began the day prior as I drove by to see whether or not the parking lot had been cleared of recent snowfall.  After the first snow this year, half of the lot at the Colosseum was plowed which gave us plenty of space to spread out.  I had high hopes that would be the case this time around as well, however upon arrival it was clear that this time could be different as there was only one line cleared across the main lot.  No matter, there was still plenty of day light left and maybe the plow driver had more pressing matters than clearing the lot for our free workout the following morning. As I drove to the AO this morning I was cautiously optimistic that the lot had since been cleared… hadn’t. Time to improvise.

0445 – 24 degrees and the pavement had the traction of a frozen pond.  Headed out for an EC run (gotta get those Patriot Challenge miles!) with Dilly Dilly, Bunker, Fish Sticks, Sparkler, and Bone Spur.  Knocked out 1.7 mile loop through the neighborhood and finished the final .3 trudging through the snow around the perimeter of the lot. This proved not fun, but doable.

0500 – PAX had arrived were strapping on their ruck sacks and weighted vests.  Mumble chatter consisted of how we were going to have run club in 8 inches of snow and whether it was safer to run on the pavement or the snow itself.  Luckily there were two options for the PAX depending upon their preference.

0515 – WoR

Arm circles – forward, backward, upward, and straight out (10 count)

Tappy Taps x 10

OYO stretching while Thang explained

0520 – The Thang

PAX broke into 3 groups to start.  Cone #1 – 25 merkin, Cone #2 – 25 squats, Cone #3 – 25 mountain climbers.  Complete the exercise at your cone and then choose a track.  Track #1 – Snow with obstacles (2 laps) Track #2 – Plowed pavement (4 laps).  Once your laps are complete go to the next cone to complete exercises.  Rinse and repeat until Mary

0555 – 6MoM

25 R leg only mountain climbers

25 L leg only mountain climbers

25 mountain climbers touching alternating hands/feet during reps

25 leg lifts

0600 – AAR / CoT

AAR – need more than one leg exercise in WoR for RC, need to get PAX count before heading out for RC…..noted.

CoT – This was my 101st post with CR and a way to give back to all of you who have made it possible in the first place, thank you!  Sometimes when we get in a routine we begin to take things for granted, and while I knew that I was grateful to find F3 I didn’t really know how much it meant to me. The past couple months I have been dealing with a wide variety of soft tissue injuries, the latest of which knocked me out of commission for several weeks.  It feels great to have this type of comradery in the gloom and make sure that you all take care of yourselves and others.  Check in with your brothers who you haven’t seen out in a while and get them back in the gloom.

Impromptu message, seeing everyone choose their own adventure today when facing adverse conditions was great.  Some people stuck to the plan and others improvised, but regardless nobody got up for easy and those were hard miles earned.

Shout outs to Better Call Saul for setting the pace on the snow track, and Second City for creating a path over the obstacles.