Circle of Fire

AO: The Wood

When: 02/24/2021


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Alexa, Binford, Fish Sticks, Gopher, Hanger, Nickelback, Parks and Rec (F3 Naperville), Pi 3.14, SoccerMom, Sparkler,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Disco Ball

The BackBlast:

Arrived at 4:45 to check out which part of the field I wanted to use.  Sparkler arrived at this time, and started his EC run.  Found a spot near the small pavilion that could accommodate the size of Circle I needed to erect.  I put LED Lights in Circular fashion to mark the outside of the circle and a smaller circle on the inside.  Set up my Radio and headed back out to get ready for PAX to start arriving.  Went to get my Coupon out of my car and found out it was left in my Wifes car, Luckily Binford had his ruck Sack with him, so I was able to strap on the weighted vest and use his coupon.

  • WOR- Approximately 5-7 minutes in Parking Lot
    • Motivators from 8
    • Tappy Taps IC- 10
    • Imperial Walkers IC-10
    • Good Mornings IC – 10
    • Arm Circles Forward and Back- IC 10 each side
    • Knee and ankle rotation IC 6 each side
    • Mosey around Parking Lot
  • Short Mosey to field

THANG 1- Only Thang- Circle of Fire (approximately 35 minutes)

All Pax Circle around Q- Circle will already be made prior to PAX arriving.  Q is approximately 25 feet from PAX

  • Round 1- Single Arm Curls- (15) each side, run to cone by Q, run Back to spot, rinse and repeat- (6 minutes)
  • Everyone Lunge walk around circle until back to coupon
  • Round 2- Hand Release Merkins,- (20) alternating between narrow grip, narrow release and wide grip wide release, run to Q and back to spot. Rinse and Repeat (6 minutes)
  • Everyone Duck Walk around Circle
  • Round 3- Coupon Swings- (20) Run to Q spot and Back Rinse and Repeat (6 Minutes)
  • Everyone Run around Circle
  • Round 4- Goblet Squat- (20) Run to Q Spot and Back Rinse and Repeat (6 Minutes)
  • Run around Circle
  • Round 5- Single arm row – (15) each side run to Q spot and Back (6 Minutes)
  • Run around circle


  • LBC OYO -25
  • Side LBCs OYO- 25 Ea Side
  • Super Mans OYO- 25
  • Standing Side Bends with Coupon- IC 15 each side

Mosey Back to flag

Count O rama


Name O rama



Today I wanted to talk about a couple quotes that really mean a lot to me from David Goggin’s Book “Cant Hurt Me”.  If you never have read this book I truly encourage you to do so.  In the book Goggin’s talks about how most people only accomplish 40% of their ability, and never tap into the other 60%.  To truly tap into the other 60% you have to learn to push past your mental barriers.  Not your physical barriers but your MENTAL barriers.  The first Quote is “Be Uncommon among Uncommon Men”  F3 as a group is uncommon, most people are not a part of this group and don’t get up at 4:30am to come out to a park on a cold snowy day with a cylinder block, that is uncommon.  So all of us here are part of that, so in this group work on yourself to become uncommon.  Be like Fish Sticks who decided to bike 75 miles while watching all three CARS movies, just to help his team in a competition.  Be like Sparkler who is always motivating PAX on Slack, and comes out and EC runs almost every day.  There are 100s of ways be become uncommon, it doesn’t have to be physically, it can be mentally, spiritually, or whatever.  Find something and strive to “Be Uncommon among the Uncommon”

The Second Quote I want to hit on, is “I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done”  You guys, this is the key.  Your mind will tell you you are tired, your are done, you cant go on, and that is bullshit.  Your mind stops you short of ever reaching your potential, if you can learn to drive past that mental barrier you can accomplish so much more.  Have you ever made a goal and not reached it?  Sure we all have everyone everywhere, and you fail because mentally you didn’t break that barrier.  David Goggin’s talks about all of his trials in life, and he failed at a lot, pull up record, ultra marathon accomplishments, he failed at almost all of them at first, but he kept at it, learned how to break those mental barriers and succeed.  If you all work on that, work on smashing down walls, you’d be hell of amazed at what you can accomplish