AO: The Colosseum

When: 04/23/2021


Number of Pax: 19

Pax Names: 5-Putt, Better Call Saul, Binford, Bunker, Bunny Hill, Cyclone, Double Doink, Fish Sticks, Hanger, Happy Camper, Heifer, Nickelback, Second City, Short Sale, Slinky, SoccerMom, Sparkler, Tourniquet, Trojan,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Corningstone

The BackBlast:

This is something I have been looking forward to. I’ve truly appreciated attending other BC’s and RC’s to get the flow of how things are supposed to go, and the challenges put out there by Q’s. The willingness to get better is infectious.


5:15 am — Welcome to F3–Disclaimer, not a professional, not aware of injuries…modify as needed.

5 core principles

-free workouts

-open to men

-led in a rotating fashion

-held rain/shine hot/cold

-Ends in a circle of trust


Side straddle hops in cadence

Arm circles both directions in cadence

Mosey around the parking lot

The theme was starting together and ending together…reps, exercises…mosey, repeat.

The Thang

Everyone lined up at the end of parking lot with coupons

50 curls (first person done calls it out)

-Lunge walk to first cone in lot (interchange this exercise as needed)

-Mosey to second cone at other side of parking lot (Repeat each time)

50 big boys

-Lunge walk


50 overhead press

-Lunge walk


50 merkins

-Bear Crawls


50 coupon squats

-Bear Crawls


50 Bobby Hurleys

-Russian Soldier Kicks


50 skull crushers

-Russian Soldier Kicks


50 monkey humpers

-Lunge walk


35 blockees

-Lunge walk


50 side straddle hops

-Karaoke one direction

-Karaoke other direction

50 durkins

-Bear Crawls


50 Squats

-Bear Crawls


35 WWII Big Boys

-Lunge walk


50 American Hammers

-Lunge walk




35 LBC’s

15 Flutter kicks

Ring of fire–3 merkins

Reverse Ring of fire–3 Merkins


I worked 10 years in television, news anchor/sports anchor/reporter all of it.

The last 5 years of that in Milwaukee I became a breaking news reporter—I was the guy knocking on the doors of dead people’s families, loved ones who’s kid just died in a crash or shooting. With that came internal baggage, stress, negativity. I brought all that home with me late at night and usually couldn’t sleep, would have a couple beers to wind down because I was thinking about what I did that day. I felt like a desensitized robot, even though I was viewed as compassionate and caring by colleagues and people I interviewed.

At the same time, I was working an opposite schedule of my wife and had a 1 year old. I often worked weekends so I wasn’t seeing them. I probably wasn’t the most present I could be as a husband.

I dreaded going to work. I decided…I don’t have to do this. I don’t need to be around the negativity and I want to see my family.

I left TV, we moved back to Naperville and I got a job at Mistwood. It was instant relief and satisfaction. 5-putt, Nickelback, Fish Sticks, Cyclone all know what a special place it is. I hold those friendships close to my heart.

And all of you…and F3…instead of me dreading the day—I now get to start it with positivity. Something to look forward to.


Surround yourself with people who make you better, who push you…who won’t leave you behind.

Embrace the family time. Embrace the special moments.

Don’t settle. If you’re not happy—take a chance. You can’t put a value on happiness.


-Bunker’s continued healing and good news from the doctor

-Brian Churchill (38), who passed away at the Geneva Marathon, leaving behind a wife and three kids.

-Pete Bardak (44), who passed away suddenly, leaving behind wife and two kids

-For safety and good health and making the most out of the day