Blocks & Bears…and the Burpee Train!

The BackBlast:


I knew I would be coming in hot because my wife was working last night, so I gave JD the heads-up that he might have to start Warm-a-Rama.  Reached the flags 30 seconds before 5:15—not my style at all, but the rush was kind of fun.  Looked around—huge turnout!  Had a few people who were MASHing, which I think it awesome—love the dedication to the gloom!  Gave the disclaimer and got right into it.


Side straddle hops (25)

Good mornings (10)

Hillbillies (15)

Tappy Taps (10)

Arm Circles (10/10)

Grab those coupons and bring them to the very north end of the parking lot!  Line up along the curb.

“The next exercise is…Blockees!”  10 in cadence.  Ok, that completes the warm up!

Thang 1: Blocks and Bears

Start at the north curb of the parking lot.

25 curls.  Then, in plank position with the coupon between your feet, reach back and drag the coupon in front of your head.  Bear crawl forward, stopping when your coupon is by your feet again.  Reach back, drag it forward…repeating this for about 50 yards.  25 more curls, then blocks and bears back.  If you finish early, pick up the six.  Leave coupons where they are.

Thang 2: The Burpee Train!

Run to front drive of the building, about 0.2 miles.

“The next exercise is…Waving Burpees!”  10 in cadence.

Run east down the sidewalk, about 0.22 miles.

“The next exercise is…Star Burpees!”  10 in cadence.

Run north down the path, stopping by the trees, about 0.25 miles.

“The next exercise is…Double Jump Burpees!”  10 in cadence.

Run across the field, back to the coupons, about 0.25 miles.

“The next exercise is…Blockees!”  10 in cadence.

Thang 3: Bears and Blocks (Round 2)

20 overhead press (instead of curls), block/bear 50 yards, 20 overhead press, block/bear back.  Stopped at 5:54 to return to flags.

6 MOM:

Merkin ring of fire, 3 merkins.

American Hammers (30)

Freddy Mercury’s (30)

LBC’s until 6:00am


My favorite quote comes from Nietzsche: “Maintaining cheerfulness in the midst of a gloomy affair, fraught with immeasurable responsibility, is no small feat; and yet what is needed more than cheerfulness?  Nothing succeeds if prankishness has no part in it.  Excess of strength alone is proof of strength.”

It is not easy to remain cheerful during the darkest time (a gloomy affair, fraught with immeasurable responsibility), but nothing is needed more—the ability to be cheerful is what shows how strong somebody truly is.  Anybody can be “strong enough” at a given skill.  If you put sheet music on a piano, there are plenty of people that can play the song.  But the one who is truly strong—the one who has excess of strength—is the one who can have fun while playing that music.  They can add to it, make it their own, add flair.  Using the example of a workout…there are a lot of people who can do a given exercise.  But those who have excess of strength are the ones who can have fun while doing it.  Clapping merkins during a ring of fire…fun mumblechatter during the hardest exercises during bootcamp…laughing throughout the workout.  Who is stronger: the guy who can grumpily grind out 100 merkins while yelling at others to keep up, or the one who has fun pushing himself to complete 50 merkins from his knees?  Easy answer in my opinion.  “Nothing succeeds if prankishness has no part in it.  Excess of strength alone is proof of strength.”  Having fun during a difficult task or during a dark time IS proof of strength.

This applies to relationships too.  For years after our kids were born, my wife and I struggled with our relationship.  It took almost six years, but we now seem to be in a very good place.  This morning I was in danger of being late for the workout because she changed her work schedule the day before (somebody has to be home while the kids are sleeping).  Years ago, it is easy to imagine we would have been upset with each other for this scheduling conflict—I was interfering with her work, and she was interfering with my workouts after I was on the Q sheet!  Instead, we joked about it and she did everything in her power to make sure she made it home.  She texted me updates all morning, and she pulled into the garage as I was starting my car to speed to the Colosseum.  She playfully stuck her tongue out at me as I pulled out—letting me know that she was having fun with the situation.  Even that little bit of prankishness during a stressful moment sends a signal that our relationship is in very good place.  Sometimes it is the little things.  Actually, oftentimes it is the little things.

It doesn’t matter if it is during a workout, at work, or in a relationship with your wife or kids—there is always opportunity to have fun during a stressful situation.

Naked Man Moleskin:

Solid workout today!  I had a blast with the different burpees, not sure the rest of the PAX did.  But come on…WAVING burpees are right up my alley!  Especially loved losing count during the star burpees because everybody was making “Whooop!” noises instead of counting out reps.  All about having fun during a stressful situation!  Sorry to everybody who scraped up their newly painted coupons today!  Thanks for being ready JD, just in case…