Black Diamond WoodHill πŸͺ“

AO: The Wood

When: 05/11/2021


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: 1040EZ, Binford, Bunny Hill, Hanger, John Denver, Parks and Rec, Short Sale, Skinner, Sparkler, StormChaser, Tee Ball,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Sparkler

The BackBlast:


Welcome! First Black Diamond at The Wood and first official Tuesday post. Beautiful weather 38 degrees and let’s go!!


Gotta get ups – 4 from your 12. Start running.

Jump Ropes – 1 minute

High knees – 1 minute

Slaloms – 1 minute

Kiss your 6 Goodbye – 10 count

Squat star jumps demo – 6 (IC)

Jump Through’s – 6 (IC)

Run to the back of WoodHill (west side)

Thang 1 – King of the Hill Competition

Backside of the hill sprints to the top. 5 burpees. Winner to next heat until one stands.

Storm Chaser won

Thang 2 – Relentless Hill Toppers

After winner heat stay on top of the hill.

36 Total Hill Runs planned

4 exercises with desending reps by 2 of 10 burpees, 15 exploding jacks, 20 jump through’s and 25 WW2’s.

Run to the bottom of the hill, perform exercise and run back up knocking out all exercises until zero.

South side of the hill Burpees start at 10

East side of the hill Exploding Jacks start at 15

North side of the hill Jump Through’s start at 20

West side of the hill WW2’s start at 25

0556 Thang 3 – King of the Hill Competition Rematch

Pick your partner and pick your side of the hill. 5 burpees. 3 rounds…Winner to next heat until one stands.

Final two were John Denver and Sparkler. All out sprint to the flags for the winner and king of the hill crown. John Denver won it by many strides.




CoT (I spoke from the heart but wrote down the following for the BB)

Men, this is the first Black Diamond at The Wood and the first official Tuesday workout for F3 Crossroads. I’ve been part of this AO from the black ops days and it’s been an absolute joy to watch many of you come so far physically and mentally in a short time. You all are looked to for leadership and wisdom so we have to always ask ourselves “What’s Next?”

So you did it. I always knew you could do it but did you? Many of you made it through your first Black Diamond and this time last year all of us here likely wouldn’t have even shown up or considered doing something like this. Physically you haven’t peaked, mentally you might believe you know your peak but none of us do.

So what is next at The Wood? What’s next for you physically? What can we do in the 2ndF, 3rdF and with the new website to keep moving forward?

That’s up to you all. I know we aren’t done here yet and we have to keep moving forward. What’s next? Aye!


Dear God, Thank you for these men putting their trust in each other in an effort to get better physically and as people. You have given us so much ability and potential so help us to get rid of what we think we cannot do and continue to get better. Please be with those that are battling, those that want to be here and cannot and those that need you. Let’s pray silently for those in our thoughts and prayers ……… your name, Amen.

Sparkler πŸŽ‡