AO: The Ridge

When: 02/16/2021


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Bedpan, Better Call Saul, Bone Spur, Dilly Dilly, Disco Ball, Foundation, Skinner, Sparkler,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Dilly Dilly

The BackBlast:

I set the alarm early at 3:45 to leave myself some extra time to shovel the driveway.  I got halfway through the drive & then was staring at the mound of snow the snow plows left me at my entrance realizing I was not going to make my 4:59:59 AM start time.  I decided to modify & just run to the AO.  Upon arrival Sparkler & Skinner, the HIM’s that they are, had begun trying to get out the entire parking lot.  Without a car I was lost then Better Call Saul came rolling in the family mini van.  I jumped in & we cruised over to the school only to find out it was not plowed either so we drove back with Foundation following. Upon arrival there looked like a 10 car pile up in front of the parking lot as all the PAX (including The Ridge group) showed up in bewilderment on what to do with cars spread out across the road.  Just as we were about to call it & like a super hero Skinner threw on his magic cape & headed off to Whispering Woods on a mosey where he spotted a snow plow with it’s lights off.  He quickly used his convincing words of wisdom & quickly the snow plow threw his lights on & came jetting to the Clubhouse parking lot.  He worked quickly & cleared a path.  As the PAX cheered like the Vikings before entering a a future battle the men quickly parked their cars & got to work.

Warm O Rama: (5 mins)

  • Smurf Jacks (15) IC
  • Good Mornings (15)
  • Motivators w/ a twist (13) IC
  • Hillbillies (10) IC
  • Mosey to identify 4 landing points; exercises completed at each landing point
    • Squats – 20
    • SSH – 20
    • Grady Corn – 20

Thang #1:  4 corners

  • Round 1 – 7 Body Builders (Burpee + Plank Jack) at each of the 4 corners. Running to each corner.
  • Round 2 – 14 Squat + 4 High Knees at each of the 4 corners. Running to each corner.
  • Round 3 – 21 Little Man in The Woods at each of the 4 corners. Running to each corner.
  • Round 4 – 28 Parker Peter (1 each leg) at each of the 4 corners. Running to each corner.

Thang #2:  1-2-3 Dora

  • Partner 1 starts the exercises below while partner 2 runs the outlined loop
  • 50 Burpees
  • 50 air squats
  • 50 merkins

Mary: (5 mins)

  • Hundreds (25) IC
  • Outlaw (16 each side) IC
  • American Hammers (2 sets of 10) IC


  • I just finished the book EXTREME OWNERSHIP by Jocko, a really inspiring book about Leadership principles very much like the Q-Source. I wanted to hit on 2 of the key points. 1st “Act Decisively, Amid Uncertainty”.  I have not been great on this principle in my life as I have always been an “over analyzer”. F3 has helped me to develop this skill over the last 6 months.  Making decisions in F3 is all about uncertainty.  We are an unorthodox organization that breaks many of the “society norms” & with this requires us to make decisions we don’t always know the outcome. The important thing is we don’t paralyze ourselves in overanalyzing. We assess the situation, the facts we have to make a decision, make the decision, & then the next principle I want to hit which is “you must own everything”. You should never shy away from your decisions.  Some will be great & some will not be great.  The important thing is you own those decisions good or bad.  Understand the opportunities for improvement next time or how you can scale certain things.  I am beyond proud & humbled by the group of men we have in Crossroads.  We have collectively had to go through this “uncertainty” in our first 6 months & the learnings we have gained have made us a stronger group of men.  Aye!


  • Lord thank you for this opportunity to be in this moment today with these men. We have felt you call us to this group of men to change our lives.  We feel you calling for us to embrace this change to be better men.  Lord we know more importantly now more than ever in this world today you are calling for us to be your leaders & to be the CHANGE for others.   Watch over us, those that were spoken aloud, & for those that are in our hearts.  In your name we pray.  AMEN