Bear In The Wood

AO: The Wood

When: 12/23/2020


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: 1040EZ, Binford, Boston Butt, Bunny Hill, Pi 3.14, SoccerMom, StormChaser, Tee Ball, Wreck-It Ralph,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Backstreet

QIC: Pi 3.14

The BackBlast:

Alarm goes off 4:15am, start coffee out the door by 4:58.
Arrived at 5:03

19° , feels like 8° cold and windy AF

Good morning!
We are not professionals and I am not aware of your injuries. This is a free workout, each pax participates at his own risk, modify as needed. We acknowledge that there is a new risk we all face, COVID-19. Keep 15+ feet workout distance at all times and respect non-F3 walkers and runner’s space.”

SSH (40)
High Knees (25)
Coupon jump overs (20)
Tappy Taps (12)
Abe Vigodas (12)
Arm Circles (10+10)

Mosey to the hill

(Partner up)
Bridge over the Nest

Both partners start at the base of the hill. Partner 1 starts bear crawling up the hill while Partner 2 completes 10 squats, 10 merkins, and 10 LBCs. Partner 2 then runs up the up the hill to the bear crawling Partner 1. Partner 2 picks up with the bear crawl while Partner 1 runs to the start to complete the exercises and runs back to Partner 2. Crawl Bear down hill.

Mosey to the basketball court

Thang II

4 Corners
Bear Crawl to each corner
Burpees (10)
Merkins (20)
Air Squats (30)
LBCs (40)

Mosey to pavilion

Thang III
Run from sidewalk to pavilion

Mosey back to Flag

Flutter kicks w/coupon (40)
American Hammers w/coupon (10)

Side Bends (10 each side)

Naked Man Moleskin

Gratitude. I spoke about being grateful for F³, but to remember that not everybody has opportunities like we do. Remember to reach out to the less fortunate during the holiday season.


Dear Lord, thank you for the strength to get up and get here to work out and get stronger. Thank you for the strong men that surround me here today. We pray for the educators and leaders to help them have vision and strength to get us through these times of uncertainty. Lord we pray for Kristen Howard and Jacqueline Tulley as they battle cancer. In Jesus’s name we pray