April Fools

AO: The Ridge

When: 04/01/2021


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Binford, Bob Villa, Bunny Hill, Foundation, Hanger, Pawn Star, PenaltyBox, Slinky, Tourniquet, Vern,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Jellystone

The BackBlast:

Cool 23° morning with 9mph wind and feels like temp of 19°.

Announcement / Disclaimer:

Good morning and welcome! I am not a professional.  I do not know of any injuries you may have.  Please modify any workout as you need.  We are all here on our own free will.  Be safe, push hard, and lets go home injury free.

Now that the formalities are out of the way and in the sprit of April Fools Day, I’d like to welcome you all to Thursday morning RUN CLUB at The Ridge.

Core Principles:

No FNG’s


Warm O Rama

  • SSH x30 (IC)
  • Hairy Rockets x10 (IC)
  • Tappy Taps x10 (IC)
  • Failure to Fly x16 (IC) [8 each direction]
  • Abe Vigotas x10 (IC)


Thang 1 – Burpee Dora

PAX teamed up.


PAX 1 – Burpees

PAX 2 – Run around football field sized perimeter set up with lit cones.


Alternate after each loop.  Rinse and repeat until team hits 200 burpees.


Pick up six


Cash Out – All PAX complete 4 laps around cones


14 Minutes of Mary – Rings of Fire


Curls – Hold Coupon at 90 degrees while each PAX does set of 15 curls.


Overhead Squats – Hold John Cusack while each PAX does 3 OHS.


Swimmers x30 (IC)


Coupon Big Boys – Hold coupon straight in air with legs elevated while each PAX does 5 big boys pushing coupon overhead.


Merkin – Hold plank while each PAX does 5 Merkins.


Grady Corns x20 (IC)

Heel Touches OYO AMRAP until 6am




Yesterday morning I received a reminder from my calendar titled “F3 – 30 Week Check In”.

This is what it said:

Well Shithead… You still working out?  If so, where do you stand? 


FNG Date 8/27/2020

Today 10/20/2020


Less than 90:      Bro, you even trying?

The Goal:             Average 3 posts a week will get to 90 this week.

The Beast:           Average 4 posts a week will get to 120 this week.

The Unicorn:      Average 5 posts a week will get to 150 this week.


Apparently, I set this up about 7 weeks into my F3 journey.  At the time, I was hoping to not get injured and to push for 3 posts a week.  With the winter coming, I knew there was no way I would stay the course and post in the bitter cold, so I was hoping to hoard a few “extra” posts while weather was nice to help offset my winter absence.  In my mind, this would help me game the system and help me keep my goal average around 3.  Well from the reminder, I also see that I felt it was impossible for me to hit the average of 4 or even 5 posts a week.

Now fast forward to this morning.  Today I lead my 13th Q and completed my 154th post.  I do not share to brag, we are all on different journeys, but I share to give perspective.  These number were unimaginable to me 30 weeks ago.  My fitness level, energy, and overall confidence in myself and ability to do the exercises and lead the posts has significantly improved.  What I once thought was impossible in now becoming reality.  I remember when I first started and heard stories of a few of the OG PAX who themselves showed up for their first post, overweight, out of shape, and second guessing their decisions that lead them in the gloom that morning.  Many of these men would say just show up each morning and the rest will fall into place.  They were right.

Just show up and put the work in.  Before you know it, what was once impossible will now become probable.  Now go find your next impossible task and conquer it.  AYE!


Naked Man Moleskin

This morning was supposed to be a BOOTCAMP style beatdown.  When I announced that this will be a RUN CLUB, there were more than a couple grones.  To be fair, the beatdown was a run heavy bootcamp.  We did get to put those coupons to use.  Plus, Penalty Box needed a make up for a missed run club from yesterday.