A Hill and 1000 reps reworked

AO: The Ridge

When: 12/21/2020


Number of Pax: 16

Pax Names: 5-Putt, Beatbox, Better Call Saul, Blow Out, Bunny Hill, Jimmy Neutron, Joe Dirt, Morticia, PenaltyBox, Second City, Sheldon, SkidMark, Skinner, SoccerMom, StormChaser, Vern,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Blow out

The BackBlast:

It was a balmy 32 degrees and overcast skies with a modest breeze. I arrived at 4:59 A.M. and headed over to the hill with 5putt to get set up. We placed a sign in the ground and set up a couple lights to shine on it so the PAX could see all the wonderful exercises in store for them. Headed back to flags for some mumblechatter and did the customary disclaimers at 5:15 and then off for a mosey around the parking lot.

WoR – after mosey, we did the following exercises:

12 x Good Mornings IC

12 x Imperial Walkers IC

10 x arm circles forward and 10x backward

Grab those coupons and head over to the hill for the one and only thang!


Thang 1 and only – A Hill and 1000 reps – reworked

100 reps of every exercise, 5 exercises at bottom of hill and 5 at top. Start at bottom, finish exercise 1 run up hill and do 1st exercise at top and run back down… rinse and repeat. Total of 1000 reps if you finish.

100 Overhead press – run up hill 100 squat jacks run back down

100 Curls – run up hill 100 LBC’s – run back down

100 Hand release merkins – run up – 100 Hydraulic squats – run down

100 Chess press – run up – 100 flutter kicks – run down

100 Plank jacks – run up 100 Bobby Hurley – run down

Overheard during The Thang were the following:

Several PAX expressed their unwavering love of Hand Release Merkins (not)

Also overheard were things like… “run club doesn’t sound so bad right now” and “I will be here until the end of the Thang doing these Hydraulics”. Also overheard the QIC saying he hated his own workout. It was a glorious morning.

at 5:55 we headed back over to the flags for a brief couple minutes of 6 MoM that included 4 count leg lifts and stretched out planks.

CoT focused on the story of Peter in the Bible where he walked on water with Jesus. I gave a much appreciated shout out the the “Joseph and Jesus” group of men that have been getting together for various bible studies. If you want to explore the 3rd F in a deeper way, I encourage you all to get with Joe Dirt and become a part of this great group of men.
Peter basically was one of the disciples that was a loyal follower, brave and strong fishermen. One day, as the story goes, Peter was in a boat with some of the other disciples and a storm kicked up pretty fierce. Peter thinks he see’s Jesus and says, “Lord if that is really you, command me to come to you on the water.” Jesus then calls Peter out and Peter starts to actually walk on water. Then, just for a slight moment, Peter takes his eyes off the Lord and becomes afraid of all the wind and waves around him and begins to sink in the water. Jesus then saves Peter. What is interesting in this story is that Peter actually followed the directions that were given to him by his Lord, but for just a brief moment, he lost focus and his attention became on the storm, not on the Lord.

If ever there was a time (or a year) that it is so easy to get out of focus, it is this year. With COVID, Politics, Civil unrest, etc., this has been a tough year to stay focused on what really matters. I encourage you all to keep your focus on the things that are important ALL THE TIME. That means your family, your faith, and yes, your fitness. Try not to get distracted by your fears and anxiety, and keep your focus on the good things and your goals… AMEN!