80s “The Boz”. Workout

AO: The Ridge

When: 12/19/2020


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Beatbox, BoilerUp, Boston Butt, Breakaway, Bunker, Dilly Dilly, Gopher, Jimmy Neutron, Neil Diamond, PenaltyBox, Second Best, Sheldon, Shooter Mcgavin, Skinner, Vern,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Breakaway

The BackBlast:

We had a great workout with 14 Pax on a beautiful Saturday morning. We went through a normal warm up. Abe Vs, tappy taps, imperial walkers, and arm circles.  We went to the soccer fields and broke the workout into 4 repeating phases. Upper body, Legs, Core and then ran a 1/2 mile course. (3 alternating options).  The song Jump by VanHalen we did 3 sets of merkins, coupon press, and curls X 25 repeating for the entire song.  Second, to the song Heat of the Moment we did coupon squats, Bonnie blairs and dead lifts X 25. Third, we did core to The Who Baba O’Riley – Big boys and american hammers X25 and then the Alphabet.  At the end of these 3 we did a half mile run to the bridge, over the hill to the pool parking lot, or on the back lake path.

The workout went well.  The Pax were challenged to their own levels.

COT – I shared the message everything can change in 24 hours.  My brother in law Joe was just diagnosised with severe kidney cancer. He had surgery on Saturday.  I encouraged everyone to put their house in order.  Make sure they have their will/trusts/POA (power of attorneys) set up.  Also make sure that you get things right with your family.  Wife, kids especially.  Most of all get things right with the good Lord.  Seek him now.

Summary:  I really enjoyed leading this group of guys.  We had a beautiful day.  I am blessed to part of F3 crossroads