7’s are Mental

AO: The Colosseum

When: 06/04/2021


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: 5-Putt, Binford, Bunny Hill, Fish Sticks, Hanger, Short Sale, Sparkler, StormChaser,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Sparkler

The BackBlast:

Arrived at 0445 to chalk up the Skate Park and as I was wrapping up the brief setup Short Sale joined me for a walk back and tour of the newly paved baseball area and new pavilion. Lots of new F3 1st toys at TC men! Benches, walls, a pavilion, dug outs and plenty of fields. Also saw the news of the running paths extending at the bridge near the DuPage River this summer. Growth at TC…any who….

Alexa had sent me a DM on Wednesday and said he was injured and not able to Q and asked if I could pick it up. I asked for a SiteQ or Q and 5-Putt immediately jumped in to help and pick up the 6. Thank you for doing that 5-Putt and also to Hanger for providing the Coffeeteria, both more important jobs than Q’ing (in my opinion).


SSH 30x IC
Goofballs 15x IC
Smurf Jacks 20x IC
Coupon mosey (right shoulder together then left shoulder back to flags)
Coupon mosey(baby carry to skateboard park)

Thang – 7’s – 7 Reps and 7 Sets with a partner. After each set Partner 1 farmer carries to the other side of the skate park and on the way back the other partner farmer carries. PAX not carrying runs and provides encouragement.

7 Big boys
7 Bonnie Blairs
7 Burpees
7 Coupon Swings
7 Curls
7 Goblet Squats
7 Coupon Thrusters
Farmer Carry/ Run with partner – Repeat this 7x

Once the first team completes 6 sets we stopped. Then coupon mosey to flags and then BACK to the skate park
Restarted 7’s and Pax were told to complete 1 more round

Walk back to flags while curling and at half way move to overhead press.

Instructions to complete 65 big boys in 2 minutes (35 is the actual goal) – Most if not all PAX were in the 30’s
Instructions to complete 25 squat jump back merkin in 2 minutes – Most PAX were in the high teens, some low 20’s

0600 – CoR, Announcements from 5-Putt, NoR

CoT – Lots of random thoughts, rambling and swatting of gnats

Don’t settle for mediocrity. We surround ourselves with people that make us feel great. As soon as we are around people that challenge us we don’t like that. We like to be validated and feeling that we are good with where we are at. We don’t want that person that is challenging our weaknesses. We want to be the best among the common people. But that’s not what we need.

Surround yourself with people that challenge you. I love when people tell me don’t do that or you can’t or that’s dumb. When they say that I know what’s mediocrity and it pushes me forward. There is also no finished. You can reach the top and if you don’t stay there you are judged for falling off. Everyday you have to keep doing this, keep pushing, keep pressing forward and keep challenging your self. Don’t stop, keep after it and at the end of the day nobody cares and you need to work harder. Aye!


Until next time – Sparkler Out