4Corner/Thruster Circle

AO: The Ridge

When: 12/04/2020


Number of Pax: 21

Pax Names: 5-Putt, Beatbox, Bunker, Disco Ball, Fish Sticks, Foundation, Jellystone, Jimmy Neutron, Morticia, Neil Diamond, Quatro, Ron Swanson, Sheldon, SkidMark, Sparkler, Spin Out, Squirts, Vern,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Hanger

The BackBlast:

Warm up

Motivators 5

Abe Pagodas 10

Tappy Tap 10

45 sec stretch on your own

Disco Ball coQ / Sparkler Site Q

Split Pax up into 2 groups

Thang 1 (4Corners)

Each corner will have 4 exercises 25 reps each. Round 1 25 reps each /round 2 15 reps each you will move from station to station John Cusack with coupon

Station 1 – Squats with coupon/Lion Kings/Bobby Hurleys/Bent over rows

Station 2- Chest Press/Skull Crushers/Shoulder Taps/Plank Jack

Station 3 -BBS/Leg Lifts /LBC/Freddy Mercury’s

Station 4 Curls / Overhead Press /Front Raises/ Coupon Swings

Thang 2 Thruster Circle

circle up each group of 10 pax then 2 pax enter the middle doing thrusters starting at 15 while other Pax do an exercise that the 2 in the middle call out  Once the middle has finished their 15 Thrusters 2 more Pax enter middle for their 15 Thrusters and the 2 leaving will call out next exercise  and 2 more enter middle we did a 15 Thruster round and a 10 Thruster round

Exersices called out during 2 rounds were burpees/merkins/Grady corns/blockies/step overs/mountain climbers


Flutter kicks 15

Annies 15

Merkin Ring of fire 5


2 subjects covered Gratitude and Don’t sweat the small stuff

I wanted to start off and thank Sheldon for taking care of the coffeetaria  it is A component of the beat down that I think from time to time is overlooked and I just wanted to make sure he was recognized

when I first started F3 in the back of my mind I thought there is no way I would be able to Q because I am the six every time.  This has been such a game changer for me I knew I could not keep taking without giving back

that’s the beauty of F3 there is no judgment of where you stand in the pack that’s what I enjoy and that is why I keep coming back so thank you.

Don’t sweat the small stuff I told a story that I lost my wallet and was upset and complaining all day about how I would have to replace drivers license credit cards and spend hours to fix the problem. That same day that this happened I did a home delivery from the food pantry for somebody in need and it wasn’t until they opened the door that I was upset that I let myself feel this way. I then realized that a lost wallet is stupid to get mad over while this family is worried if they have enough food to last the weekend.

Be grateful for what you have and get out of your comfort zone and help someone in need  The struggle is real and a little help goes a long way

Thanks to everyone who joined me today at the Ridge that being said my next Q I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and will incorporate a hybrid run club.