11’s v2.0

AO: The Colosseum

When: 03/26/2021


Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: Alexa, Binford, Bob Villa, Bunny Hill, Cyclone, Den Mother, Fish Sticks, Gopher, Heifer, Hot Boxx, John Denver, Shenanigans, Short Sale, Sparkler, Wreck-It Ralph,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Gopher

The BackBlast:


Planned on using the basketball court for Thang 1.  It was a little dark so set up the portable lights.  Worked out well.

Wished Fish Sticks Happy Birthday!!


Mosey around the parking lot including high knees, butt kicks, karaoke both directions, stop and do one exercise at each corner

SSH – 25 IC

Tappy Taps – 10 IC

Imperial Walkers – 10 IC

Arm Circles – 10 both directions IC

The Thang

Mosey to the basketball court.

Thang 1


Same as 11’s but everything is x2.  Start 20 on one side of a exercise go to other side of basketball court (east/west) and do 2 of second exercise.  Keep working down and up by 2’s with total reps=22.

Merkins, Bear Crawl to other side, Copperhead Squats, Duck Walk back to start.

Stopped at 5:38 AM  Moseyed back to parking lot.  Started at south end of big lot.

Thang 2

11’s x 2

Same as 11’s but do two exercises on each side.

Curls, rows, sprint to north end of big lot, smurf jacks, monkey humpers, sprint back to south end of big lot.  Stopped at 6:55 AM


High to low plank to ACDC Thunder

Circle of Trust

During this week’s Q Source we talked about the relationship a man has with his shorties or 2.0s.  The book states that a man should sacrifice everything for their 2.0s and divide your money, time, and support by how many kids you have as this is the only relationship you will ever have that is inseverable.  I think several of you know that I have 3 kids.  My oldest is a 14 year old girl, my middle is an 11 year old son, and my youngest is a 8 year old girl.  It may sound a little strange but my oldest and I go grocery shopping together most weeks.  We have been doing this since she was a toddler and that has always been our thing.  My son is a little mini-me who loves playing, watching, and talking about sports, playing board games and cards, etc.  My youngest is super independent and really gravitates to her friends and her mom.  This is where the concept of equity of time comes into play.  If I let everything play out naturally I would literally spend 20% of my time with the oldest, 75% of my time with my boy, and about 5% of the time with my youngest.  One of the tips that was shared yesterday was to date your 2.0s.  That is very intentionally spending one on one time with your kids.  I’ve realized that I really need to start doing this with my youngest especially.  Q Source talks about the father being the needle point of a compass (think geometry, not navigation) that is embedded in stone.  As your 2.0 grows they move farther away from the needle but the arc of their circle remains true.  Without investing this time now, I may not be able to establish this foundation with my daughter.  For those of us with kids, I think it is very healthy to examine the equity you have and put plans in place to help balance the scales because it may not happen on its own.

Naked Man Moleskin

  • Happy Birthday to Fish Sticks!  Thanks for coming out and letting us share it with you.  Hope you have an awesome day!
  • Thanks to Sparkler for having my 6.  That dude has a lot of energy!  Keep it up bud.
  • The Countryman (Dr. Fauci and Trojan) both fartsacked this morning.  Must still be recovering from last week.
  • John Denver absolutely killed it today.  Holy smokes that guy can run!!