1/4 Mile to Q

AO: The Wood

When: 01/09/2021


Number of Pax: 20

Pax Names: 1040EZ, Beatbox, Boston Butt, Bunker, Cyclone, Den Mother, Disco Ball, Dr. Fauci, Fish Sticks, Gopher, Hanger, Jellystone, Pi 3.14, Sheldon, StormChaser, Tee Ball, Tourniquet, Trojan, Wreck-It Ralph,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Pawn Star

The BackBlast:


I am not an expert – I am a fat kid trying to get better in fact
I am not aware of any injuries you have or will get so modify as needed/when needed

Any FNG’s?

Welcome! Here we leave no man left behind and just as important, we leave no man where we found them

5 Principles – Let’s hear them

1 ) Are free of charge.

2) Are open to all men.

3) Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold.

4) Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary.

5) End with a Circle of Trust.

Warm a Rama 7:00 AM

  1. 30 SSH
  2. Mosey ¼ mile loop
  3. 10 x Good Mornings 
  4. 10 x arm circle forward
  5. 10 x arm circle backward
  6. 10 x Tappy Taps
  7. 10 Imperial Walkers
  8. Mosey short route

Thang 1 – ¼ Mile to Q

Setup: 3 boards with a list of exercises (upper body, core and lower body).  Map out 1/4 mile ish course from the entrance of middle parking used for PAX parking into and around the smaller southern lot and back (lots are circled in the image).

2 PAX of similar speed (partner choosen by PAX) – if an odd number of PAX make a group of 3.  If more than 20 PAX divide into 3 teams

Winning PAX Qs exercises from any board until the next race is over.  Pawn Star to lead 1st round of exercises for PAX waiting on 1st race results.

  1. Upper Body
    1. With Coupon
      1. Overhead press
      2. Chest Press
      3. Skull Crushers
      4. Curls
      5. Bent Over Row
    2. Without Coupon
      1. Merkins
      2. Carolina Dry Docks
      3. Grady Corns
  2. Lower Body
    1. With Coupon
      1. Goblet Squats
      2. Step Ups
    2. Without Coupons
      1. Squats
      2. Lunges
      3. SSH
      4. Monkey Humpers
  3. Core
    1. LBC
    2. Flutter Kick
    3. Scissor Kick
    4. Big Boys
    5. Freddie Mercuries
    6. American Hammers

Mary 7:54 am

Get across from someone with the same upper body strength as you…Hold Plank until you cannot, admit your partner is better than you and do Big Boys or LBCs until 8am

Count A Rama
FNG Naming
Name a Rama


First, thank you to everyone that came out today.  I am going to read most of this so I don’t make it any longer than it has to be.

Since joining F3 I have spent a lot of time just getting my mind right.  I am not comfortable being the fat kid and for some reason I have accepted it for too many years.  I realized it was how I spoke to myself that was a big part of my problem.  This week I will be Qing a Q source on Language intentionally because I have found over the last 8 months that not just what we say to ourselves or to others but how we select the words to use has an immense power that can be more damaging than any physical punishment.

F3 has 2 terms that I want to discuss the Language view on today.  1 is HIM and 2 is Free to Lead.

Starting with the word HIM or high intensity male, it reminds me of my days in the boys scouts.  I was 13 and working my ass off to become the youngest Eagle scout ever in our area.  For those that don’t know an Eagle scout is the highest rank, most defining achievement and what should be the True Image of a scout similar to the F3 HIM status.  After many setbacks and people saying I was too young, I finally was able to achieve the rank at the age of 14.  2 weeks before the ceremony to receive the rank of Eagle scout another member of my troop who was also set to receive his Eagle Scout got drunk with friends, stole our troop van from our church lot and crashed it.  To spare the details, he still got to walk in the ceremony and receive his Eagle Scout rank.  To me this made all the work I set out to be a good scout, good human and leader feel less than it should have.  More importantly, it took a term and Language, Eagle Scout, and made me question the other men that had earned that rank because it wasn’t held to a standard. I am sure we can all relate to a situation where we question a term that we hold in high regard like a good catholic, a good President, etc.   We as PAX of F3 have a responsibility to not let the term HIM be misrepresented.  A HIM is not just a guy who comes to workouts and kicks ass.  It is not necessarily the guy everyone likes to have around.  It is not the guy that knows a lot about F3 or has done it for a long time.  A HIM is someone that lives a better life not just for himself but for those around him and not only within F3 but in every aspect of his life.  He gets his mind, body and spirit right and shares that with others.  If a person is referred to as a HIM, let’s make sure we do the others we refer to as a HIM justice and that we are not just using the term to give someone a pat on the back.

Second, I want to talk about Freed to Lead.  This is the foundation of F3 and its growth but again the words and language are chosen with intent and given power.  Freed not Free.  There is a D at the end, like we are opened up and enlightened.  To Lead, it does not say do whatever the fuck we want.  Leading is much different than just doing and some of the best leaders are those that can follow.  F3 is not originally our vision.  It is the vision of 2 HIMs from Charlotte, North Carolina.  We are privileged to get to share in this vision and lead by following and respecting what they have set forth for us.  F3 is the sum of all its parts and it is our responsibility to continue to grow that vision set 10 years ago with the same vigor and understanding of the Language used to define it.  It is intentional and should not be bastardized for our own self gain.

With that said, I would like to publicly apologize to one of my brothers for the language I have selected to use in the past. Pi, I cannot apologize for my message of our last interaction because I do still think it holds true but I am going to apologize for the words I chose to use.  They were destructive and not constructive and that is something that I want to make right.  I apologize for allowing the words I chose to put a roadblock in our growth as PAX of F3. 

To each PAX here today, I challenge you to Get Right, Live Right and Leave this world Right.  Aye!