08/02/2021 – Monday – The Colosseum – Run Club

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A beautiful cool morning greeted YHC as I rolled out of the fartsack (well actually my 3-year-old shorty shoved me out, but that’s a different story). Great thing about shorts weather is going from sleep mode to post mode is pretty quick, and this morning’s thang really didn’t need much setup. Rolled up to find Toby and Happy Camper ready to jam, with the rest of the crew rolling up shortly thereafter.

I’d thrown up the Clydesdale signal, but this must have been a by week? No matter, I stashed a couple ideas I had for that crew in my back pocket and resigned myself to enduring the plan I had to cater to a more gazelle-y crowd.


I was still in full stiff old man mode so we started out with some Tappy Taps, some SSH to speed things up, followed by some abe vigoda, some grady corns and arm circles. A capri lap with some high knees and butt kickers rounded things out.

The Thangs

Thang 1:The first thang was simple, straight forward, and all running. Today’s menu had a big helping of 200-ish meter repeats (the big parking lot circle, I am told, is .25 miles( so that’s 400ish m right?). Pax ran a fast mile or better make-it-hurt pace for one long and short side, and a recovery pace for the other half of the circle. We did this….. for awhile.
Thang 2:With about 10ish minutes left on the clock we moved into the end-game, chase the rabbit. Pax paired off with one pax running and the second pax knocking out 5 merkins and chasing the first pax, with the first pax dropping for merkins when pax 2 caught him, so on and so forth. I think we got in 2+ laps before Mary? My counting goes downhill when I’m sucking wind.


Mary began with some flutter kicks in cadence, followed by some American Hammer until I saw some good game faces on the pax (or what I could construe as such because ouch) followed by some LBC, and just a dash of plank shoulder taps to take us to 6.

Circle of Trust (CoT)

Like this workout, parts of life are harder, and sometimes we get to recover a bit. Sometimes fate favors us (the fast pace half of the run today was on the slight downhill of the parking lot), and sometimes it doesn’t (you got Bob Villa as the partner you have to sprint and catch to get a break). Facing some adversity on our own terms helps us be ready for the inevitable adversity that we will be dealt whether we want it or not. Forging through hard things by choice will help us meet those hard things in life with equanimity when we have no choice but to forge ahead. My folks visited me this weekend and brought another load of the stuff I littered their house with as a kid. I found something I wrote when I was a young teen “Being happy is hard work.” I’m not sure I’d choose the word happy for that sentiment anymore, but getting the good stuff out of life doesn’t come easily. It doesn’t get handed to you. The hard work, the effort, puts the savor into the things we enjoy in this life. Without it we have little more than meaningless convenience, and a slow slide into a Sad-Clownish wounded sense of entitlement. I know you all won’t settle for that, and I thank you for not letting me settle for it either. Go out and do some good today.

Naked Man Moleskine

Kudos to Dilly Dilly for putting the EH on Red Track Suit Man with the sick routes, and mad moves warming up in the median before 05:15. Tourniquet really wished it was John Denver in that hot red suit ;-) Seriously though, thanks to everyone for coming out and joining me for some hard running. There is no way I could do this sort of thing on my own. We are indeed so much stronger together.
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