07/30/2021 – Friday – The Colosseum – Boot Camp

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Woke up a little after 4 to get the gear loaded in the car. Note, if your garage (really whole house) is a mess there is nothing like a redlight headlamp to prevent dying before arriving at the AO–I wish I could have found mine.

Weather was perfect, and as I was working the ninja magic required to pour sand into a brand new sandbag filler bag without dumping it all over the ground I was joined by my accomplice, Parks and Rec, who was kind enough to bring his extensive collection of similarly filled bags. We did a little EC mosey around the lot, I took off to the grass to get the cones laid out just as our site Q, Bunker, pulled up. Just enough time for chit chat and for Better Call Saul and Second City to pull up before we kicked things off.


Some good mornings got the creaks out of our backs and started warming up those hammies. Some side straddle hop got the blood pumping, followed by some abe vigoda, because I’m an old creaky man who needs a couple things to get all the creaks out, followed by some arm circles. But hey it’s summer, we should all be warm by now! Pax picked their new best friends from the selection of sand bags and we slowzied over to the grass for Thang one

The Thangs

Thang 1:YHC had set up cones about 10-ish+ walking lunge steps apart as our course for the following delights
  • Sandbag overhead lunge walk to the cone and back
  • 25 4 count flutter kicks
  • Sandbag Clean and toss to the cone and back
  • 20 4 count sandbag squats (so yeah 40 squats)
  • Sandbag front rack lunge walk to the cones and back
  • 15 4 count merkins (30 merks for you math whizzes out there)
  • 20 sandbag over the shoulder tosses (10 each shoulder)
  • Burpee broad jump to the cones and back
  • Bear Crawl sandbag drag to the cones and back
  • 10 Sandbag thrusters
After that we shouldered the bags for my stealth rucking Q over to the bridge and back just in time for a little Mary — We’ll have to see how Killer B’s mix with sandbags another time….


Mary was a little captain thor right up to 6, (un)luckily 0600 rolled around before we got to the really fun parts of that little routine.

Circle of Trust (CoT)

Just want to thank the pax for coming out to when all I had promised was surprises, which we know in the gloom usually means some uncertainty and probably putting in some work. Getting up and doing hard things, and facing unknown challenges is part of what we get out of this thing. It makes us stronger, more ready to handle the hardships that we encounter in our daily lives with calm fortitude. To be a leader and turn hardship into grace. I hope we can all go out today and try to be that kind of leader for those around us today.

Naked Man Moleskine

Personal log, if you bring an 80# sandbag as the Q to a pile of 40 and 60 pound sandbags, chances are you brought yourself an 80# sandbag. Big T-Claps to Parks and Rec for hauling all the way down to the Colosseum to share his sandbag stash. I had a DORA ish version of this in my back pocket in case more HCs came out of the woodwork, but we got to enjoy some extra time with the bags with a smaller group this morning. Good times. Good livin. Looking forward to next time!
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