07/29/2021 – 🚨AOVQ 🚨The Olympiad – Thursday – Bootcamp

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Woke up to yet another morning filled with lightening and some rain. Having never been on Q at the Olympiad I began to scramble and attempt to come up with a Plan B just in case we had to seek shelter before or during the workout. Arrived about 5am and started to set up the dice and signage near the track. Sparkler and Short Sale rolled in shortly after and I met them in the parking lot. We asked Bob Villa if his garage was available just in case but lucky for us( and him) the weather calmed down and we were able to run the original plan.


Motivators from 5 IC Good Mornings IC x 10 Tappy Taps IC x 10 Imperial Walkers IC x 10 Arm Circles Forward/Backwards IC x 10 Michael Phelps IC x 10 OYO stretching while I explained the Thang

The Thangs

Thang 1:We left the parking lot on a mosey and arrived just outside the track. Todays Thang was pretty simple. One Pax would roll a dice and whatever number came up they would choose one of the two exercises associated with that number( 1- Burpee/Blockees, 2- Squats/Calf Raises, 3- Overhead Press/Thrusters, 4- Monkey Humpers/Bobby Hurleys, 5- Grady Corn/Seal Clap, 6- Curls/Skull Crushers). After that the remaining 5 dice would be rolled and that would determine the number of reps. Upon finishing the reps Pax took off for a lap on the track. We stopped at the halfway point and waited for the 6 with SSH or holding squat. When the 6 arrived we did 5 Merkins as a group and then completed the lap. Rise and Repeat until Mary.


Captain Thors IC x 5 Leg Lifts IC x 12 Scissor Kicks IC x 12

Circle of Trust (CoT)

Talked again about perseverance and getting your mind right. The weather this week has not been cooperative and a principle of F3 is Rain or Shine. I was guilty of my mind getting the better of me on Wednesday when I woke up to the storm and had HC’d to run club at the Ridge. I pulled my HC and about 10 minutes later while wide awake told myself that I needed to get my ass out of bed and go workout. I then switched my HC to the Wood as I knew I needed to get out in the gloom. After that workout I texted a fellow Pax and said I was sorry for not showing up at Run Club as we had spoke the night before and were suppose to meet up. He said dude it does not matter where you posted, just the fact that you posted today. A large number of men were still in bed and you made the choice to get after it this morning. That stuck with me all day on Wednesday and into my Q this morning when I heard the storm. It does not matter which AO we post at just as long as we post each day that we say we will. I encourage each of you to reach out to another pax or a group of pax, tell them your plan for posting either that day or week and hold each other accountable for showing up in the gloom. Continue to push each other to get better!

Naked Man Moleskine

Kudos to Binford who is getting after it this week on the MASH circuit after an injury at convergence. It would have been easy this week with the weather to just take some time off but he is getting in some rehabilitation work and pushing himself as much as he can. It was good to get in my second Q this week. I have always led a Q at the Colosseum due to its close proximity to my home. Picking up two Q’s this week in locations that I have visited in the past but have not Q’d at brought back some of the excitement of a VQ. Looking forward to completing the AO circuit when I cap off a Q at the Ridge in the future.  We closed with prayers for Sparkler’s daughter Abby and his family, Toby’s friend Darren, and Pi’s M.
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