07/28/2021 – Ridge – Wednesday – Run Club

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A strong and unexpected rain storm hit the area.  My plan for run club had included some time in the field and on the hill, but decided it would be best to remain on hard surfaces. I quickly placed the cones for Thang 2 and hustled over to the flags.  The rain had diminished by the time we were ready to start, but it looked like another front might be coming our way.


Warmed up with motivators to 12. Then moved right into Thang 1

The Thangs

Thang 1:We started with a Thang I was calling fox and hounds.  We dived into two lines, and began with one PAX as our fox. To start we gave the Fox a ten count and then both lines started moving with the two PAX in front acting as the hounds and sprinting forward to catch the fox.  First hound to reach the Fox became then next fox and the slower hound and the former fox returned to the end of each line. Continued the drill for one length around the path surrounding the AO.  It was a bit slick with the rain and puddles, but the PAX still managed to keep a good pace the hounds consistently gave it their all for the sprints.
Thang 2:It looked like the rain was going to be picking up again, so we quickly lined up in row across the parking lot for Thang 2.  This was a classic suicide drill with  4 cones and three rounds.  First round was sprints.  Once completed the rain and lightning were intense enough that Morticia shifted us to pavilion. Once there, I lead the PAX in a variety of exercise.  Tired to keep the spirit of RC intact by doing lot of cardio, including a few more rounds of motivators.  At one point we were hit with such intense conditions that the rain we drenching us even in the middle of the pavilion.  To their credit, the conditions didn’t slow the PAX one bit and they kept pushing despite lots of mumblechatter about the conditions.


Finished with some classic Mary exercises on our six to make sure everyone was absolutely soaked and fully gassed by the end.

Circle of Trust (CoT)

As we finished Mary the rain stopped, and I began my COT with a quote from Cameron Hayes that seemed very on point for the morning. “ obstacles can’t stop you. Weather can’t stop you. Heartbreak can’t stop you. Failure can’t stop you. Only you can stop you” F3 didn’t necessarily change who you were. YOU always had the potential to be where you are at right now. Instead,  F3 has been the catalyst that pushed you to dig deep, be consistent and develop into who you are right now. As we age, it’s easy to move away from a overall growth mindset, to compartmentalize our potential to only our careers or small facets of life. Instead we need to maintain or recover that untamed potential we had as young men, while also tapping into the experiences-and life lessons that we’ve gained in order to push ourselves in new ways, to grow, and even to fail at times, but to continue to get back in the ring and in the process to lead by example.

Naked Man Moleskine

Appreciate those men who joined me ITG. The conditions were less than ideal for a run, but we motivated one another, got out there and even enjoyed ourselves by embracing the suck.
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