07/27/2021 – Tuesday – The Colosseum – Boot Camp – FOUNDATION’S TERMINATOR WORKOUT

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I arrived at 4:30 am to set up the stations and to get the coffee brewing.  Then, I did an EC run with Bedpan, Den Mother, Jellystone and Toby.   Thanks to Jellystone for having my 6 as Site Q.  I wanted to say awesome job to everyone today and especially to Burnt Ends and Tuohy who have been really accelerating lately.  Good Job guys!


SSH 20 Good Mornings 10 Abe Vigodas 10 Learning to Fly 10  – I know!  I mixed it up for once :)

The Thangs

Thang 1:Three Staitons 15 curls and 15 bent over rows then coupon rifle carry to station 2 15 shoulder press and 15 goblet squats then bear crawl to station 3 15 bobby hurleys and 15 LBCs then bear crawl back to station 2 15 shoulder press and 15 goblet squats then coupon rifle carry back to station 1 Rinse and repeat
Thang 2:Two Station Station 1 – parking lot – 20 curls and 20 merkins run down path to station 2 at pavilion Station 2 – 20 dips and 20 air squats then run back to station 1 and subtract 1 rep this time so 19 or each, then next time back to station 1 it will be 18 and so forth


Big Boys 35 Pickle Pushers 25 Scossor Kicks 15 Merkin Ring of Fire then hold high plank until 6

Circle of Trust (CoT)

We all face adversity in our lives and it’s up to us on what we do or how we respond at those times of hardship that define us.   I am currently at one of those moments but am surrounded by brothers who have overcome their hardships and continue to provide me with examples of what inner strength can do. I find myself where I can either go back down the rabbit hole into feeling sorry for myself and take the “easy” way out and do nothing or I can do what I feel to be right even though it is filled with an unknown future and difficulties.  I know I have the strength and I know I can do it.  F3 and you all have helped me to gain the self-confidence and to help me to realize I can and will overcome. My challenge to you is this.  Simply go home today and look yourself in the mirror and see that man before you that is capable and able to do great things.  Don’t ever sell yourself short.  You are amazing. Aye?

Naked Man Moleskine

I think that I might have done thang 1 for another 2 minutes Ended with prayer
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