07/26/2021 – Monday – The Colosseum – Run Club

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It was a humid morning as I arrived early to set up cones for the sprints that ensued.  Toby was getting in some EC & as soon as the clock hit 5:15 AM we got moving.


Warm O Rama: (5 mins)
  • Mosey for 0.5 miles stopping every .15 miles
  • Stop 1: Good Morning ICx15
  • Stop 2: Abe Vigodas ICx15
  • Stop 3: Tappy Taps ICx15
  • Stop 4: Hillbillies ICx15
  • Stop 5: Grady Corns ICx15

The Thangs

Thang 1:Thang #1:  100 Seconds
  • 4 distances set up based on mile times; each PAX runs out & back with goal of getting back in 100 seconds
    • .25 mile 7 to 8 min mile pace
    • .21 mile 8 to 9 min mile pace
    • .18 mile 9 to 10 min mile pace
  • Between each lap there will be either 10 tempo squats (odd laps) or 10 tempo lunges (even laps)
  • 5 mile cool down after 4 rounds
  • 5 cool down after additional 4 rounds


Mary: (5 mins)
  • Hundreds (15) IC
  • Monkey Crunches (20) IC
  • Outlaw (10 each side) IC
  • American Hammers (2 sets of 10) IC

Circle of Trust (CoT)

  • This week in Q-Source we are discussing TRUST & the importance of this quality amongst leadership teams. Knowing that the men you share responsibilities with all contain this virtuous leadership ability. I have struggled with TRUST in my life. I don’t let a lot of people get close to me. I am not a psychologist but for me I know it has a lot to do with losing my Dad early in my life & also watching my Mother battle depression.  I don’t know why but I struggle with the idea that people I let get close to me will let me down.  F3 has helped changed this mentality for me.  They have given me faith that I can let people in & they will always be there for me. You learn in Q-Source this is the very definition of a CSAUP like a GrowRuck. It is that these CSAUPs are to physically & mentally push you to your boundaries that you have no choice but to trust the man next to you to help you.  I challenge each of you to continue to embrace F3, be vulnerable, & the trust the brothers next to you.  AYE!

Naked Man Moleskine

  • Lord thank you for this opportunity to be in this moment today with these men. We have felt you call us to this group of men to change our lives.  We feel you calling for us to embrace this change to be better men.  Lord we know more importantly now more than ever in this world today you are calling for us to be your leaders & to be the CHANGE for others.   Watch over us, those that were spoken aloud Darren, Abby, & for those that are in our hearts.  In your name we pray.  AMEN
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