07/23/2021 – Ridge – Friday – Bootcamp

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Arrived at The Ridge about 4:35 am it was hot and sticky already. Worked my way to the hill to set up 4 stations in conjunction with a string of pearls stretcher pax carry course. Finally set up on each end of the parking lot 2 stations one on each end.


SSH 12 Michael Phelps 12 Tappy Taps 12 Good Mornings 12 Imperial Walkers 12

The Thangs

Thang 1:4 corner Hill course.  Station one was 10 air squats then run up the hill to station 2.  Once at station 2 we did 5 Merkins then on all fours we shuffled to station 3 where we did 5 Merkins then crawl beard down to station 4 where we did 10 air squats.
Thang 2:Thang 2 consisted of a stretcher and 7 pax on each team.  Each team would put a pax on the stretcher and follow the string of pearls that were marked by cones .  Once we arrived at the first cone we did 20 air squats then when finished we rotated someone new on stretcher and proceeded to the next cone.
Thang 3:Each team started at one end of the parking lot.  At this station there were 4 exercises of 20 reps each that needed to be completed before we left as a team. First station – Leg ups/Mountain Climbers/LBC’s and Big boys once the team completed these 4 exercises we started our Indian run to the opposite end of the parking lot in which we had our coupons Once we arrived at our coupon station we did 4 exercises Curls/Shoulder Taps/Bench press and Overhead press. Rinse and repeat back to the other end of the lot


Consisted of stretching each leg Heal touches 20 Pickle pushers 10 Scissors kicks 20

Circle of Trust (CoT)

Unchartered waters I find myself in a spot in my life that I have no control .  My oldest son Ryan is getting married and I am very happy and grateful for the young man he has become, however I find myself second guessing myself that I taught him enough or did I prepare him for the world.   My wife when our boys were in High School would get up every morning and make them breakfast, she wouldn’t miss a day.  When I told her the boys are old enough to do this for themselves she quickly told me to STOP this will end for me someday just let me be.  At the time it didn’t hit me like the other day when when my son said he is getting married and looking for houses.  I am blessed that he has found someone that he will spend the rest of his life with.  Its just hard knowing that he is leaving in a few months. To raise a child, who is comfortable enough to leave you, means you’ve done your job.  They are not ours to keep but to teach how to soar on their own. I challenge each of you today to spend as much time with your kids as you can.  Time seems to get away from us. Closing thought If you want to be in your children’s memories tomorrow make sure you are in their life today.

Naked Man Moleskine

Dear Lord Thank you for this day that I can join these men in the gloom to better ourselves as husbands, fathers and leaders. Please hear those unspoken prayers. Please put your hand on my son Ryan and guide him as he starts a new chapter in his life. We pray in your name Amen
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July 23, 2021

The Ridge

Who was there?

Total PAX: 14

PAX that HC’d:5-Putt, Bailout, Better Call Saul, Blowout, Bunny Hill, Dilly Dilly, Hanger, Happy Camper, Joe Dirt, John Denver, Mr. Belding, Skinner, Vern
Stowaways:El Dinghy

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