07/23/2021 – Friday – The Colosseum – Boot Camp – FOUNDATION’S TIME MACHINE

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I arrived onsite around 4:30am.  This week has taken its toll on me and I was running on empty physically and emotionally.  I did about 1 mile really slow run to warmup after setting up the stations.  I want to thank Bunker for having my 6 and to the guys who came out with me today.


SSH 25 Good mornings 10 Abe vigodas 10 Arm Circles 10

The Thangs

Thang 1:Station 1 – 20 curls, 10 gobblet squats, 5 WWI situps Station 2 – 20 Merkins, 10 Bobby Hurleys Bear crawl between the two cones then run to station 3 Station 3 – 20 dips, 10 air squats Station 4 – 50 Jump Rope, 20 merkins, 5 scissor kicks Station 5 – 20 shoulder press, 20 bent over rows, 20 LBCs Run between the stations. Rinse and Repeat.


35 Big Boys 20 pickle pushers hold high plank until 6

Circle of Trust (CoT)

For the COT, I wanted to talk a little bit about the upcoming one year anniversary Crossroads convergence tomorrow.   Let’s step back and look what has happened over the last year.  It’s huge!  4 AO’s and 17 different workouts.  We all play a part in the growth of Crossroads.  Every time we HC for a workout, we are helping to keep our amazing organization moving forward.  We can not afford to become lax in our efforts though or we will see the Crossroads wither with atrophy just like if you stop hitting the workouts.  I don’t want to see that happen.  I have gotten so much out of my time here in the gloom.  Each one of us has to keep accelerating perhaps by setting some workout goals (maybe push yourself to HC one more day a week or sign up to Q more).  I started on August 28 last year and the past 11 months have changed my life.  Physically I am in the best shape I have been in years, my outlook on life in general is in a much better place than last August, my self-confidence is finally coming back.   I am looking forward to the next year and what it may hold. My challenge to you all is this.  Don’t allow yourself to become stagnant.  Always keep working at all aspects in your life from your F3 life to your family life to your work life. All great things are started in the same way, by someone saying “I’ll try”.  Keep on trying.  Keep on accelerating. Aye?

Naked Man Moleskine

I did a last minute change from OYO to having us stay together with a slow mosey between stations due to the small size of the group and the two coupon stations didn’t work smoothly because we were short two coupons at both stations.  I would have just converted the one station into a non coupon exercise station in the future.   We ended with prayers for Sparkler and 5-Putt.
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