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Arrived at the Ridge later than I had intended.  Thus I had to hustle to get my set up completed, but made it back to the flags with a minute to spare!


Right off the bat I had the Pax do 5 burpees OYO. Arm Circles-1 Burpee 10 Cherry Pickers-2 Burpees 10 Abe Vigodas-3 Burpees 10 SSH-4 Burpees 10 Good mornings-5 Burpees 10 American Hammers-6 Burpees 10 Dips-7 Burpees 10 Mountain Climbers-8 Burpees 10 Imperial Walkers-9 Burpees 10 3 count punches-10 Burpees    

The Thangs

Thang 1:After we completed our warm up, we moseyed over to the pool parking lot where I  welcomed everyone to the Temple.  I explained there were four cones representing the four tiers to the Temple with each tier consisting of different style of Burpee’s.  For there we Bernie Sanders to the first cone. 1St Tier: 5 Spider Burpees 5 Break Dance Burpees 5 Jack-Ass Burpees 5 Plank Jack Burpees We crab walked to the second tier where more fun awaited us. 2nd Tier: 10 Hand Release Burpees 10 Punching Burpees 10 Switch Burpees We bear crawled to the third tier. 3rd Tier: 15 SSH Burpees 15 Mountain Climber Burpees The we moseyed to the base of  the hill. Pinnacle: 25 Burpees while proceeding up to the top of the hill.
Thang 2:After surviving our journey into the Temple, I explained we need to make a fast exit back to COT. To do so we would sprint from the top of the hill pausing at each cone to do one style of burpee for that cone, each PAX could choose what type of burpee that would be. We made it through each stage of the exit and then took the a quick mosey via the shorter path back to the flags.


25 Big Boy Sit Ups 20 American Hammers 15 Leg Lifts 10 LBCs Hold plank until six o’clock!

Circle of Trust (CoT)

I was gassed and recognized that the guys who had HCd for a burpee focused workout were already the PAX that were contributing and pushing themselves.  Thus no need to preach to the choir.  So I simply encouraged them to keep pushing and doing the great work they were already engaging in and try to focus on selecting one new challenge or area to focus on to continue to improve.

Naked Man Moleskine

Concluded with prayers for our fellow PAX and community.
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