07/19/2021 – The Wood – Monday – Bootcamp

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  • Grabbed this Q on Saturday as I  haven’t been in town for a few weeks and it’s my chance to get back in the saddle.   Beautiful morning,  arrived at 4:45 to set up cones around the Hill


I am not a professional,  everyone decided to come today and work hard.   Modify if needed. Abe Vigoda’s  -10 Lap around parking lot Motivator’s from 4 Good morning-10

The Thangs

Thang 1:Mosey to the Hill with coupons.   Start at first corner and do Round 1 exercises,  then run up the Hill.  1 Burpee or 1 Big Boy.  Down to corner 2 and keep rotating in that way to each corner for 3 rounds.


Flutter kicks – 20 American Hammers- 20 Scissor kicks-20 Merkin Ring of Fire – 5 merkins each Ring if Fire with 5 Big Boys each Hold Plank until 6:00  

Circle of Trust (CoT)

I went on vacation for over a week,  but took several days before and after my vacation away from F3.  Thought it was relaxing and resetting but part of it was laziness.   When I came back last week after almost 3 weeks off it was hard, and still is.  But the first day back I realized how much I missed it because of being around the guys.  If you have to miss any time for any reason- get back at it, we need F3 for many reasons.

Naked Man Moleskine

Father keep in mind those that we pray for today and help us to be good to all those around us.  Amen
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